You need until you use one, but if you do a lot of typing and have concerns about your posture or suffer from arm wrist or shoulder pain, you might want to upgrade to an ergonomic keyboard. After researching hours of time, we have these top six best split. Keyboards, for you lets check out them number one. Most popular kinesis gaming, freestyle, edge, rgb split mechanical keyboard. The best ergonomic wired keyboard weve tested is the kinesis freestyle edge rgb. This 10k less mechanical model feels sturdy and solid with no sign of flex. It has excellent ergonomics with two detachable wrist rests and a full split design that allows you to position each half the way you want. It uses cherry mx brown switches which feel like to type on and give good tactile feedback without being too noisy. It comes with the rgb smart set software, which gives you plenty of customization options like programming, macros or customizing. The full rgb backlighting number two logitech ergo k860 wireless ergonomic keyboard, the logitech ergo k860 wireless split keyboard is the best wireless ergonomic keyboard that weve tested. This full sized model features a curved design that separates the keys down the middle into two clusters. One for each hand, the board connects wirelessly using its usb receiver or with bluetooth, and with the latter option, you can pair it with up to three devices simultaneously great. If youre in a multi device office setup, the keyboard uses scissor switches which feel like to type on and are very quiet, meaning you wont disturb your colleagues number three microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

This is an affordable keyboard that isnt split, but rather angled. This keyboard from microsoft is, unlike other split boards, in the sense that the two portions are built into a solid frame. The difference is that the keys are angled, making it more comfortable to type the non detachable wrist rest is made from thick padding. This is a full keyboard and features additional buttons for multimedia controls, macro keys and a full numeric pad. It has traditional membrane switches, which some users might find difficult to type on number four cloud: nine c989 meter ergonomic mechanical keyboard. This split mechanical keyboard is good for typing and gaming. Instead of equally dividing the keys proportion, it is split with only a third on the left side on the right. It has the other keys, but also a full numeric pad. The tented palm supports are, at a seven degree angle, adding to the comfort the wired mechanical keyboard, uses cherry mx brown switches and is backlit in the full rgb range. It has a smart wheel in the middle of the two portions, which can be awkward to operate. Music number five gold touch go to mobile keyboard. The gold touch keyboard allows users to adjust from 0 30 degrees on both horizontal and vertical planes. Thanks to the patented ball and lever, locking design being able to make precise angle, adjustments on your own makes the gold touch a superb ergonomic keyboard for people that just cant find the desired level of extended comfort with pre mold ergonomic keyboards.

The soft keys require lower activation force, while still managing to provide full travel distance and enhance the typing experience. The keyboard seamlessly works on both mac and pc. So users dont have to worry about anything when switching between platforms number six iclever bk06 portable wireless keyboard, a great option for those looking for a portable wireless keyboard with near standard sized keys for your portable devices. I clever keyboard offers an excellent blend of ergonomics portability and wireless connectivity for almost any bluetooth enabled device such as tablets and smartphones and tv sets. Iclever is highly portable thanks to its foldable design that lets you carry it around with ease while protecting the keys inside from debris and impact when unfolded. The keyboard expands to a hefty 10.3 inches by 3.5 inches for more details.