This is a tiny little smartphone. Look at this. How small this one is! I didnt buy this one for me. I had to buy this one for my girlfriends father to impress him and hes super impressed. Actually, he has been looking for a small smartphone android device, which comes with almost all the essential features and yeah. He had one requirement, that is at least android 11, if not android 12.. Also, the processor has to be a very good one. It was really a daunting task for me. I had to go through a lot of products and then finally i bought one for him. He is super happy, so i have bought another to do this review video as usual. I have left a link in the description box below, but that link isnt no affiliate link. So if you want to buy this one, you can buy from anywhere im, not gon na get any incentive. If you buy from my link. Actually, i have tried to get some discount for you, so the price is down to 119 us dollars for my subscribers and regular viewers. So if you want to get the discount, then use that link given in the description box below this is a tiny little smartphone and this one is powered by unisoc d310 quad core processor. This one comes with 4 gigabyte of ram and 64 gigabyte of storage, but yeah you can expand your storage, you can add a tf card up to 128 gigabyte.

This one comes with one dedicated sim slot and a hybrid sim slot, so you can either use two sim cards or one sim card with the tf card to expand your storage. Well, we already can see. This is a very small device. This one comes with a very good processor and is powered by android 11. So there is one more thing very important about a tiny little smartphone like this thats weight, lets check the weight of this smartphone. 129.3 grams thats a very light. Actually, this could have a lighter weight, but as this one is built with metal and plastic yeah, you can see there are metals here and there, so definitely metal weighs a bit more than plastic. Build quality of this smartphone is amazing. The design language reminds me of a very expensive smartphone, but this one has its own unique design. Yeah, appearance, design and outlook is totally different than any other smartphone. Its totally unique in hand feels totally premium. Actually, this is a premium smartphone. Even if this is a tiny little smartphone in its own category in its own segment, this one is one of the most premium smartphone. On the left side, you will find the dual sim sim tray and volume rockers on the right side. There is nothing but a power button on top its totally clean and at the bottom there is a usbc port. Definitely i like this because 90 of other smartphones in this category comes with a micro, usb port for charging, but this one comes with usb c port.

The display panel is a 4 inch 540 by 1080p panel. Its a very bright one and picture quality of this display panel is amazing. I really didnt expect this type of picture quality. I was thinking this is a 540 by 1080 panel and this one costs only 119 us dollars. So maybe this display panel will reproduce average quality pictures, but i was wrong: Music not only display quality. Sound quality of this keyboard pocket is also very good. There is only one speaker in this smartphone that is the earpiece, and this earpiece actually works as the loudspeaker ringtone music. Everything goes through that one single speaker, but performance of that solo speaker is definitely very good. Focus on yourself never tell keep your head down feel compelled. Okay, ive already mentioned this: one comes with 4 gigabyte ram 64 gigabyte of storage. Here goes confirmation. This one comes with android 11.. As mentioned earlier, this one comes with android 11 out of the box, so thats great. Also, this one comes with 3000 mah battery and all together, ive managed to use this smartphone for four days after one full charge, so thats really long enough. Finally, what about the camera at the rear panel? There is only one sensor: yeah, this one comes with only one wide angle: camera. This is a 16 megapixel sensor, and definitely this works perfectly okay, you cannot expect iphone class performance or flagship class performance from 119 us dollars, smartphone and, as this smartphone belongs to a very specific segment, considering everything camera performance of this one is really above and beyond Its standard also, there is a 5 megapixel selfie camera sensor and this one again works very well: no issues, no complaints, all together, considering its performance and price.

I would say this is a very good smartphone. If you are looking for a small smartphone like this, then i think this is the best choice. I have bought two one for my girlfriends father and another for this video, so im totally happy, but a lot of people would like to know what things are actually included inside the box. Actually, we do unboxing at the beginning of the video, but this time im gon na do unboxing at the end of the video, because this is a very special smartphone and this one is required to only a specific group of people. So i have shared all the specifications and performance at the beginning. Lets. Do the unboxing now and check what things ive got inside the box here? Is the box premium quality packaging after opening the box? The first thing you will notice is the smartphone this cubot pocket. This one comes with a tpu silicon protective case yeah. The protective case actually offers a very good protection, but doesnt look so elegant anyway. Lets put the smartphone aside. There is a thank you card included in the box, and this card also says: please do not use the machine for high temperature or harsh environment. I mean this isnt a rugged smartphone. So, even if it looks like a bit rugged, you cannot use this one in harsh environment also they have mentioned clearly this one comes with the undetouchable battery. Well, lets put this card aside inside a little envelope.

There is a quick start guide compliance regulation and warranty card in another part of the box. There is a usb a2 usbc charging cable. I am super surprised to see super premium. Usb a2 usbc charging cable. They have also included a very good quality, sim ejector tool. This cubot pocket comes with a 10 watt charger. The charger is very light and build. Quality is also very good. Great, build quality, so thats everything youre gon na get inside the box of a pocket yeah. The name of this phone is pocket and the brand name is cubot. I actually dont like to use this smartphone with the provided tpu silicon protective case. But if you are worried about scratches, then you may use it. I think this smartphone looks so damn gorgeous without that protective case. Well, thats, all about this cubot pocket and yeah. If youre interested in this smartphone, i have left a link in the description box below, if you have any other questions regarding this smartphone. Go ahead, make a comment in the comment section below and ill be happy to reply. Your questions also, if you know about any other smartphones of this form factor, then let me know – and i will try to buy and then do a comparison between this one and the new one. If you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button. If you have loved this video, then please subscribe to this channel.

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