On the one hand, it is the fastest growing segment of smartphones, look in 2021 sales, basically tripled, and by 2023 a 10 fold increase is expected. Personally, i even sometimes meet people with them, and these arent techno bloggers. On the other hand, are these still odd things or not. Lets take the new samsung fold, three, its bulky with two ridiculous screens. Personally, i just dont get it all. At the same time, the galaxy z, flip 3 is released, a compact folding smartphone, with flagship hardware for the first time and, most importantly, at a relatively reasonable price. This is less than the top galaxy s21 ultra, which does not fold and is on par with the standard s21, and in my opinion, this is the case when a folding, smartphone isnt, mind boggling but simply says, try me. Therefore, i tried it for almost a month and now i will tell you about my impressions: whats cool whats, not cool whats, with the battery whats with the camera and whats with the folding. This is droiter im, boris vedinsky lets get into it. Music. The first and most important thing i want to go through is the form factor and right off the bat, the assembly, its obviously fully loaded and right now, its the best thing you can get from a folding smartphone now moving on the casing is tight. It has colored panels. Its very nice here feels like glass, the phone comes with moisture resistance, ipx8, meaning you can dip it into water, but theres, no dust protection.

The first question that arises in connection with the form factor is: how is it done? The mechanism itself is quite cool. It clicks in and out great its rigid and allows you to tilt the top of the screen at any angle, and you can hardly hear it when moving. This is how it looks from the inside. As you can see, the mechanical part takes up a decent amount of space. Well, come back to this later, but in general, its amazing how many high quality components were added to such a thin case, and even with the mechanism, in particular the fingerprint scanner on the power button works really well, even with the index finger on the left hand. So that lefties arent feeling left out too and for anyone who uses a smartphone with both hands theres, also a decent stereo sound by the way you can bend the smartphone a bit put it on the edge and listen to music in stereo or watch videos. True, the choice of the motor here is not flagship, but it does the job, and here an important question arises: what happens to the mechanism over time? Well, samsung says that it can be folded and unfolded over 200 000 times its more than youll ever need easily enough for a few years. How does it perform in real life? So i havent noticed any real issues over the past few weeks. The smartphone is still very easy to hold.

The casing is tight and hasnt started to act out. However, it does feel more fragile than the usual phone shape when closed a gap is visible, but its not too big, and there are magnets to keep it closed. If youre planning to stick it on the fridge dont, the magnets arent that strong and then another more important question arises. So, okay, this is a folding smartphone that is very well made. But how can i tell you, what does it need to be foldable for now? What comes to mind showing off well, this was purely subjective, but for me personally, i was just fed up with flipping it open and closed after just a few days. Okay, the next thing is that its compact, though well, on the other hand, yes, indeed, this thing seems to be smaller than an ordinary smartphone, but the problem is that for pants pockets, where im sure most of us carry our smartphones isnt ideal. Firstly, this thing is still thicker than a regular smartphone, and if you have something else sitting in your pocket, then its a hard call what to take. Secondly, it is not convenient for me to fit such a smartphone in deep pockets, but the main problem is that its still inconvenient to open it up with one hand. Well, it looks something like this, therefore, on the go, especially if the hand is busy its inconvenient to use, but it turns out theres a solution.

Do you know what it is? The smartphone can simply not be folded. You just put it in your pocket like a regular smartphone, especially if youre going to use it sometime soon and, to be honest, most of the time i give it to you straight thats, exactly what i did with it. It was simply intuitive well what other advantages does such a mechanism have samsung came up with something special flex mode. This is when you put a complex smartphone on the table and the application adapts to this state, and i must say its pretty good, but rarely. For example, watching youtube while eating, but in general there arent many apps that are supported by flex mode. You can make calls in video chats like this. Google me and zoom are supported and for other applications you can turn on flex, they say forcibly, but this is strange because the device is split into two screens with an uncomfortable management interface at the bottom. You can also take selfies or record tick tocks. In fact, using a smartphone itself as a stand – and probably this is a key advantage. If you often call colleagues by video or you need to take a lot of photos of yourself, then it makes sense to opt for this type of smartphone for anyone else. The bonus of this flex mode is minimal, but lets talk about the folding screen itself, theres a lot of interesting stuff here too. Firstly, this is a screen that has a factory film.

If you remember the stories about the first generation of samsung folding smartphones, its better, not to go there, and the problem is that it doesnt look stylish, especially from above in the area of the front camera in its defense. I will say that the screen was not scratched in a month, despite the fact that i often left the phone unfolded. Secondly, the screen is 120 hertz, which is in theory, but in practice. The software combined with the processor, however, well come back to this later. Thirdly, the aspect ratio of the smartphone is narrow and the screen is stretched to its proportions of 22×9, as opposed to say 19 and a half by nine for an iphone or pixel. And here you can see some issues with social media feeds. For example, instagram can fit almost two photos instead of one and a half on a regular smartphone, then theres this bumper along the edges, which of course is made for protection by the way its glued into place, thats it and it seems to be nothing but because Of them, using gestures in the interface is not very convenient and, of course, the crease its still there. I think we will not get rid of wrinkles in folding smartphones for a long time, but of course, you get used to it and visually its not visible from all angles. It also felt really strong, but not always and by the way, thats the crease. The screen looks disassembled, interesting and thats, not all the amazing things about this smartphone for people who are still going to fold it.

Unlike me, they came up with a second screen external. It has become larger than in the first version of the device. This is a plus, you can customize cute animations on it and there are several built in widgets, but additional ones cant be added. Perhaps the most useful application is the use of the screen. When photographing yourself with the main cameras, you can even press the power button. Twice and the camera will start but theres a problem here. Firstly, when taking a picture, not the whole frame is visible, its cropped by the screen and secondly, when saving a photo its cropped into a third format square. As a result, i personally used an external screen. A couple of times to switch music by the way enthusiasts have also come up with a hack for special enthusiasts that allow you to run any applications on this screen awesome, and here we come to the most painful thing in the smartphone performance, and you may ask Why painful? Finally, the top snapdragon 888 was installed in the smartphone, and yes, indeed, if we launch geekbench well get really good numbers, theyre, even better than the me 11, which has the same chip ill. Tell you more, even while gaming, its quite normal, to play with this smartphone, but not for a long time. If we run a throttling test, we will see that at about the 20th minute, something went wrong and thats about all. You want to know about the performance of this smartphone.

Quite often, you run different applications where responsiveness is key and after some time it begins to warm up, and sometimes it even lags, but not really lag. You can just see that 120 hertz quickly becomes 50 hertz and sometimes even 30 to 40, hertz and thats. Why a device which cost almost a thousand dollars doesnt always unfortunately feel smooth, even though i would have liked it to be better. It is clear that this is due to the thin case in which all the components stuck to each other, and there was simply no place for a sensible cooling system, which is quite necessary for a snapdragon 888, and you know the problem is that cooling is not The only thing that didnt fit in this smartphone a large battery didnt fit in here yet and the lifetime in the smartphone, in my experience in general, is a nightmare. There are two batteries here: theyre small, a bigger one at the bottom and a smaller one. At the top, the screens operating time rarely reached four hours, but mostly fluctuated around three hours and sometimes was as low as two and a half hours two and a half hours of screen time in 2021 in a smartphone. But the smartphone was put on wireless charging and theres even reversible wireless charging, but in general friends you shouldnt do that with this battery. Well, the camera i saved for last because it doesnt create any special emotions, its double wide and ultra wide.

It shoots well, but not at the top flagship level, basically theres, not enough dynamic range, sometimes it squeezes the shadows, and sometimes it over highlights the tops, but in simple conditions it works out very well. It all looks like this. As a result, samsung tried making a folding smartphone in which there will be practically no serious compromises and, in my opinion this is the best attempt. So far it still hasnt worked to completion. Yet, of course, for this money i want a cooler camera and i also want a smartphone to survive at least until six oclock in the evening. But, most importantly, you need to improve the main feature. The folding mechanism come up with more stuff. That will be useful to people and make it possible to use it with one hand. Otherwise it still somehow lands in the category of smartphones for show offs and the wow effect and thats it write in the comments.