ive been revisiting a lot of these other iphones and just androids in general. So i figured i might as well go with the latest samsung that you can actually pick up now. Interestingly enough, this phone a lot of the early 2022 phones that have came out, including you know, i think the oneplus phones thats, been teased out like crazy. The iphone sc3 that came out as well as the galaxy s22, i feel like because phones are getting so much better nowadays, especially for the last like two years, were kind of getting used to these phones. Bringing a ton of features and honestly it feels like, were still not even getting over the original, like you know, samsung galaxy s21, even the galaxy s20 still holding up very well so were seeing a lot of decrease in sales for a lot of these manufacturers. But i will still tell you the galaxy s22. The jump from the s21 to the s22 was a great jump for sure, and i was a fan of this without a doubt. I do think samsung needs to work on their marketing a little bit. I think google is doing a pretty good job from an android manufacturer standpoint of teasing out their future phones of you know re releasing of getting hype around certain software versions, and everything like that. I feel like samsung kind of needs to work on that. A little bit too, but with the galaxy s22, the body of my specific s22, is holding up extremely well.

I dont have any scratches on this phone for the most part theres a few here and there, but they actually look very, very good. I was not expecting this phone to still be holding up this well, you know, i would say about four or five months later. On top of that, the display of this thing no burning or anything which is expected, and it still looks very good. So i still use this phone almost like every other day. Whenever i do videos on androids, i typically use a galaxy of some sort and the s22 is usually the one that i have laying around thats charged up. So i think thats a really good thing. My battery is still at 100 capacity as well from i think, looking at the samsung, you know application its inside of settings. I think im still at 100. I would assume so so in terms of a durability standpoint, this phone is still very, very good. This phone has also gotten several software updates since its initial release, so because of that, this phone is in a better spot now than what it was originally in. I think when i originally picked it up, and this one was so fast – i loved it a lot, but they were using a little bit of a newer snapdragon, 8gen1 chipset, which was a newark variation chipset. That snapdragon was creating, and i will say this has become a smooth chipset for sure and im looking very forward to the next several years, because this chipset will lay the framework of whats going to be happening in the future.

So i look at this phone and i think its great and i think its in a very, very good spot for this phones performance to be holding up extremely well. And i would assume a lot of probably emulation. Devices of some sort are going to base their performance and everything from the snapdragon 8gen1, and you know this phone has it, which is amazing. Now, on top of that, theres been some complaints here and there some people have, you know, been mentioning the you know: standard stuff, boot, loops crashes. You know stability issues, battery life issues stuff like that, but those things usually get better throughout time and after scrolling, the samsung subreddit really. The biggest issue recently are just delays in shipping people not getting their phones on time and sometimes their phones not even arriving. So i will say: thats, probably one of the bigger issues looming over so its not necessarily the phone thats, the problem, its more so samsung and kind of samsung customer support, so thats kind of another thing, ive seen you know the last few months and that kind Of covers up a majority of everything you know. The price tag right now has substantially gone down a little bit too its looking like this thing. I mean no matter what you get it for. You can probably buy it in the used market for, like 200, cheaper from a few places. The average selling price of this thing in the used market is about 550 to about 600 dollars.

So still a couple hundred dollars cheaper than if youre buying it brand new and if youre trying to buy an s22 plus or s22 ultra those things are going to be. You know obviously a couple hundred dollars cheaper as well, so i will definitely tell you the s22 is holding up very well. I like this phone, a lot, is it the best phone of all time i dont know i like how it fixed a few things from the s21 and still a few months later, i still appreciate the galaxy s22. I think a lot more than what i appreciated. The galaxy s21 for, but i still feel, like the lack of micro sd card slot, the smaller battery they put on this thing. It just kind of put this phone in a weird situation, but i think its grown on me and i think the performance of this phone and the future of this phone will pretty much tell a different story, so that kind of covers it up. If you have any other thoughts or questions, please let me know in the comment section below hit the like button, not me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly than everything else, i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch.