So i woke up around eight oclock, which is not the usual time i wake up. Actually i had a lot going on last night and um yeah. I set my alarm for eight am this morning, but yeah ive been using the smartphone like today for about 30 minutes now for social media and um, checking out notifications replying to messages and all that 8 31 right there. Okay and i have about 96 – live battery life left on the smartphone right now. Some of the things i need to point out would be that this smartphone started at 99. When i woke up and um, i set my refresh rate to 120 hertz on this device and thats how ill be using this device all through the day, 120 hertz refresh rates and guys. It was about time for me to have my infrequent home workout session. I actually do wish. I could be as dedicated as easy boyer in these things and, yes, those are non matching socks, so im actually going to have my bath right now, and this license, after which i headed over to the shower prepared for the day watch a ton of videos on The smartphone, before switching over to my pc for more productive work and planning, so you guys its afternoon now and the battery life on this guy right here is um 67, so ive been doing a lot of watching videos on the smartphone. If i transitioned into um using the pc here so yeah thats, my home setup, laptop the keyboard and ultrawide curved monitor but yeah, so it was about time to leave the house and head over to the studio, like i said, im recording right now with um.

My main camera, so i can show you guys the battery life on here and its 1 pm so 59. So far, while i head over to the studio, okay bye for now Music, so guys its another time to test out the front facing camera, just arrived at the office getting onto the staircase im, getting into a dark condition right now: wow no light Music. So while i got to the studio and turned on a bunch of things, i started getting ready for a virtual meeting by 2 p.m. A physical meeting which required that i met in person by about 4 p.m, scripting for another video and also to shoot an unboxing hi guys so im actually done with my meeting and its about 3 p.m. Right now and i have 43 battery life on the smartphone, so im about to unbox the package that was sent to us from techno after i was done. Recording i decided to lay on the couch watch a couple videos chat with friends, scroll endlessly on tik tok, while on the techno camon 19 pro instead of scripting. I somehow found myself editing another video since we had a lot of work to do this week. I had series of calls, while recording, occasionally used a smartphone and also did end up rescheduling my meeting for 6 pm so guys its about um, 3, 50, 3, 49 pm, and we have 35 percent battery charge on the smartphone yep 35.

I dont even know if i like this angle but yeah. I was supposed to have a meeting by 4 p.m, but the person was supposed to have this museum with called in and said they were canceling and we had to push it like rescheduled for another time. Today so ill probably script, something for another video im. Thinking of i have a video idea for another smartphone like a comparison, video i have to start scripting and yeah ill, probably put this phone down a bit and see how it goes from here. I actually forgot the purpose for this video, so its um, 5, 37 p.m, and the battery life here is 31 ouch whats happening and also im hungry food got in right on time. Yeah thats a lot of junk, but i had my stomach full while editing and waiting so its 7th at 4pm and um. This phone is now at 20. Within this period, i had series of calls on the smartphone some being video for the next hour and the phone decided to go off on me at 6pm, and this smartphone is about to shut down yeah low battery shutdown. Can you see and thats a wrap? We had about eight hour screen on time.