The mobile company has taken another step to further what was started with the tecno camon 18 premiere by launching the tecno camon 19 pro with well packed. Camera features, as we know, the camon series to be the carbon 19 pro, just as its predecessor is marketed towards those people obsessed with good photos. Now, on the side you get features like 120 hertz, refresh rate, the g96 chipsets 8 gigs of ram and a five thousand milliamp hour battery for the price of a hundred and sixty five thousand error. These all by themselves are great features, no doubt, but the big question here is: does the smartphones camera live up to the hype while being a good phone on the surface? Of course, i know you wan na, find out and sell that taking much of your time. Yo guys lets get started. The tecno camon 19 pro comes in this regular, looking smartphone box and package, and when you open the box you get greeted with the smartphone itself. Then you see a clear silicone phone case. A 13 month warranty card the sim ejector, a 33 watts charging break usb type c cable with type a at the other end, and a pair of wired earphones. The cam online temp pro has a very simple, solid and niche design, something i refer to as classy. The red panel here and the edges of this phone are flat, giving you this boxy shape something i have come to love, despite this, not being the most comfortable form factor for a lot of hands.

I think boxy phones give this kind of illusion that the phones are actually larger than they are because they do not naturally tend to conform to the arc of the hand when you hold them, but definitely i have grown to love the design on the tecno camon. 19 pro, i would say, the design of the camon 19 pro here is actually something that was carried over from the camon a10 premiere from last year. Both are sharp edge and boxy devices and yeah. This retains the design cue from this one. Now, i believe, the smartphone, you would see that its between eight to nine millimeters thick, it is a huge smartphone and not the easiest – to handle with one hand as far as build quality on the camera 19 pro the volume rockers on the power button are found To the right side of this device with the power button, doubling as the fingerprint scanner now, the volume rocker keys on the smartphone do not have the best tactile response. So i guess that would be a thing of personal preference, but not exactly my thing here. The left side, on the other hand, has a dual sim tray with a dedicated micro sd card slot, while the bottom side features a 3.5 millimeter audio jack, the mouthpiece opening, usb c port on the down firing speaker when you flip the smartphone over to the front. You see that this panel is surrounded by razor, thin bezels and a caught up notch housing the front facing camera on this device, and i think the colors you get for the smartphone are just two: the polar blue and the eco black, which i have here now.

The camo 19 pro gives you a premium feel with this plastic back and frame, and also the glass front. Overall, the design here gives off a premium feel, despite being made out of plastic for both the frame and the rare. It is just simple classy and beautiful dont, you think so the display is definitely the physically accessible part of the smartphone we use the most and we want to get the best for what we pay. This smartphone on here gives you a 6.8 inch full hd plus display in terms of the resolution, and some of the great things about this display include 120hz refresh rates, meaning you get smoother animations, while scrolling through your menu or gaming, and also you have a 360 Hertz touch sampling rate, which is the number of times your smartphone can read your input in a second now so 360 times in a second means that if you can tap that fast on your smartphone, the common 19 pro will be able to register those taps. This display on here has about 500 needs of brightness, which is pretty usable and works pretty fine under direct sunlight, not the brightest out there for the price you pay, but it sure does work now. The not so great thing about this display boils down to the fact that it is an lcd display, meaning blacks, wouldnt, be as black as blacks. Dont. Get me wrong. Ive enjoyed every bit of the time i spent using this display, but just know that, with an led instead would have saved a lot of battery here and gotten the best experience as far as displays go so youre stuck to lcd, but at 120hz refresh rates.

So, while displays are out of the way performance is one thing to consider and the camon 19 pro is equipped with the helio g96 chipset from mediatek. This is the same processor you get on smartphones, like the redmi note 11 pro a powerful processor, but might not be the best in the game right now did i expect something better. I think i did something like one of those dimension processors. I mean this runs on a 12 nanometer process. Technology expected something faster and more efficient. This smartphone is in no way slow for what it is. You have great performance for the price you pay and also did notice that upon extensive usage, you begin to notice this device heats up a little or warms up, not a degree that damages or hurts you, but you also notice a tiny drop in performance. This is evident with the little starters while playing games like pop g ive talked a little too much about the performance. Lets talk about the memory here. You have 8 gigs of ram and the memory fusion feature, which is a virtual memory expansion feature and can get this from 8 to 13 gigs of ram additional 5 gigs still on the memory. It has an internal storage capacity of up to 256 gigs for the units i have here and supports expansion using the microsd card slot thats wonderful. There is good news here: techno promises us one year of major software updates and two years of security purchase monthly for the techno camera 19 pro, which runs on ios 8.

6, based on android 12.. I mean this is a step in the right direction, as you should be able to get this smartphone to run android 13, when that is finally available. Great news. Man, the camon 19 pro continues the tradition of being the camera centric smartphone from the brand, and it has a triple camera setup at the rear, as well as a selfie camera, a 64 megapixel primary lens with ois laser autofocus, a 2 megapixel boca lens and a 50 megapixel portrait focus lens in regular mode. This sensor is a 12 megapixel telephoto lens that gives you an optical 2x zoom, which is somewhat good. Now the front facing camera is a 32 megapixel sensor. There are four leds at that flash circle at the rear, which is really impressive, but you may not really need them, because the phones, camera app, has a super night mode feature. The camera 19 pro has very capable cameras which can take great photos during the day and at night. Now the rgbw sensor is the cameras main selling point. According to the manufacturer, the common 19 pros main marketing strategy was that it has an rgbw sensor that performs admirably in terms of the color balancing and the laser autofocus works flawlessly with the smartphone, focusing on objects at 0.1 seconds marketing gimmicks. How can i measure that now the colors are really good for what they are? I must say, and i love the photos coming from the smartphone.

I actually did compare this camera against the redmi note 11 pros camera, and this had a slight margin when compared to that device. The camo 19 pro can shoot videos at a max resolution of 2k and it has this steady mode or stabilization mode at 1080p. You do not have 4k support on this device for the price of a hundred and sixty five thousand era. The camo 19 pros photos and video quality are quite impressive. As a camera smartphone, this phone has a plethora of camera features you can select from the myriad of pre installed backgrounds enable some ai work when taking photos or use the knights mode or the super night mode feature on the tech. Note camo 19 pro for the price of the smartphone. I think its obviously a hit the power hazard makes everything come to life on the techno camon 19. Pro is a 5000mah battery powered by a 33 watt fast charging system within the box. This phone can be charged from zero to 100 in about an hour and seven minutes from my test when fully charged. This smartphone can last you about 7 hour screen on time under heavy use, and it can last for more than 24 hours on the average use to light use. So the battery life is actually comparable to the competition right now for the price of and sixty five thousand era for this model, which is eight gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage.

I do not think we can say that the techno camo 19 pro is the best median smartphone for 2022 right now, while it lives up to the expectations, especially in terms of the camera quality we get from this smartphone, its actually on par with some of the Devices in this category and around the same price point, for instance, you can see that this is quite similar to the samsung galaxy a53, 5g and also the redmi note 11 pro.