I will include a link in the description of this video that was from five below as well, and this comes with a shotgun microphone which i am most interested in only because it does not require any batteries were going to give the shotgun microphone a try and See how it sounds. It also comes with a universal phone mount as well for your cell phone and it comes with a 36 bulb led, which does require two double a batteries, a light to light and the pistol grip already did the phone mount is a phone mount. I am most interested in the shotgun microphone. Hopefully you guys can see that and i dont believe that includes any batteries. I dont think you need to worry about any batteries on that it is a 3.5 millimeter jack, so it should go into my lumix g6 guys. Im going to leave the level at level 13 is which this deity d4 duo. Microphone is hooked up, as on a level 13. im not going to do any editing in post im going to leave it, as is so guys lets get into the unboxing. Well guys. I totally destroyed the box, so the box is no good, it did come with a set of instructions, but this is youtube guys who needs instructions all right here. You guys have it Applause. This is the phone holder which is adjustable on the spring good plastic and theres your screw mount where you can screw it into this pistol grip here: Applause, heres, the pistol grip and again guys.

I did a video on this pistol grip, so you can buy this separate if you decide you want to buy. The whole kit here is the light, which requires two double a batteries. This supposedly has 36 light bulbs, its very light it doesnt feel cheap, looks like as an on and off, and it has a plus and a minus, and here is the back door im very bad with these. I dont want to break it. The back door to put the two batteries in and again im not really interested guys in the light at all, and this is where you can actually screw it on to your mount actually goes on right here on your cell phone mount and you can use it That way, like that, just kind of screw it on there and there you go, but what im most interested in guys, of course, is this shotgun microphone which looks really cheap in plastic, but it comes with the uh 3.5 millimeter adapter, so um yeah guys im gon Na plug this in and uh were gon na see how this sounds. Im gon na take the deity d4 duo. Microphone off and uh were gon na give this microphone a try. No battery shotgun mic, guys uh. If this is a good microphone, i might be using it with my smartphone or, if its that good, i might use it with this camera guys. So all right, im gon na go ahead and put this on guys and were gon na see what this sounds like.

Um, the windsock it looks like it, you know, look at that. It comes off, so you can actually do it with or without it, which is kind of nice. Get that back on there. You guys have it so all right lets get this switched over im. Actually, going to change lenses im on my sigma 16 millimeter lens im, going to switch this over to my 14 millimeter vlogging lens and where i get this to shock ice heres. The shotgun microphone im actually doing this on my iphone 13 mini just to show you guys im actually going to test it. So the shotgun mic is screwed down tightly and im just going to go ahead and plug it in the front. So the microphone should be fully operational if it works again guys. The whole kit 10 lets see how it sounds, got my 14 millimeter pancake lens on guys, so lets switch cameras and see what it sounds like hey guys. I have the microphone on. I have no idea what this microphone is going to sound like guys, but hopefully it sounds pretty good. I know theres a long wire that comes from the microphone into the front of the camera, im, not sure if thats going to bounce around and make any noise, hopefully it doesnt but hey. You know what lets test this to the fullest im running low. On my battery so uh, hopefully i get a chance to finish this video, but were gon na go outside and see what this actually sounds like outside to see if it makes any kind of a difference, all right so im out back outside guys and um kind Of walking around a little bit, making some noise and a little bit of leaves on my deck so uh.

Hopefully this sounds good. My neighbor is actually weed whacking. So let me know if you guys can hear any noise in the comments id be curious to see how much noise that this microphone can actually pick up guys all right guys. Well, this is where im going to end this video guys. Hopefully you liked my five below unboxing its been a while, since i did an unboxing for you guys. I had this box for months and i wanted to open it for months, but i just never opened it guys. So, hopefully you enjoyed the video.