, The mid range category of phones is so fiercely competitive, its not just simply about the price tag its about packing, as many standout features as possible into the phone to win us over.. So what happens when you blend a powerful camera, a uniquely intentional design and an affordable price point in a phone? I think you get this phone here, and this phone is the vivo, v23, 5g and ive been using this phone now for the last few weeks. As my daily driver and right off the bat for the price, this is a really nice phone, but there are two stellar features that stand out its design and the camera for transparencys sake. This video is sponsored by vivo, but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are of my own. So lets start with the all important price. The suggested retail price is 459 us dollars its a mid ranger phone and stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of oneplus, 9 and oppo RENO 7.. Its a pretty competitive price point so lets see how the vivo v235g stacks up, what we get for the price and why this may possibly be one of the best mid ranger phones on the market. Right now, inside the phone, a Mediatek Dimensity, 920 chip powers, vivos fun touch os 12, which is based on android 12., if youre not familiar its essentially a polished version of android 12.. So if youre a fan of a simple minimal operating system while still having the customization there youll appreciate fun touch but yeah the dimension 920 chip is roughly on par to the snapdragon 860.

. It hasnt faltered in the last few weeks. It supports 5g and has enough juice for smooth mobile gaming too. The v23 5g also features extended ram 2.0 and fast charging decent specs for the price now heres, where it gets really interesting as a mid range phone, its camera and its head turning design. At first glance, its design, isnt original its metal frame is very reminiscent of other phones out there. This isnt a bad thing necessarily, and it does have a nice sort of heft to it at 180 grams. But as soon as you get it out of the box and flip it around youll find its iconic color changing back panel. Yes, it literally changes. Color, the color changing glass back panel, gradually changes color when exposed to sunlight and uv light. Vivo says theres a chemical change in the molecular structure when illuminated by a uv light. If it all sounds a little too scientific, its essentially a gradient changing back panel that eventually fade back to its original shade, when, for example, its out of the sun with the sunshine gold finish under certain lighting or under the sun, it fades from a light blue And pink orange type finish to an extremely beautiful blue green gradient, the gradient in color that i love, as most of you guys, probably already know. If youre a bit more of a traditionalist youre, you know a bit more of a dark mode. Type person like i am well the v23 pro here looks just as handsome in this sleek stardust black and just a heads up.

It doesnt come with the color, changing fluorite on this black, but has more of a shimmery matte black finish. I dont know i kind of like both and which one would you pick from these two here, its an extremely premium fill for the price point in hand. It just doesnt feel, like a mid range 459 dollar phone. If you gave me this phone without knowing anything else – and i just saw the phone at face value id say – the build quality is on par with high end phones at double the price tag. One trade off at this price point is that it doesnt have an ipx rating, so you want to keep this phone away from excessive dust or water, so thats. The unique design now lets talk about the mobile photography on this phone, because there is a lot of good stuff here and im going to be sharing with you a lot of snaps ive taken over the last few weeks, whether my photography is any good. I guess youll be the judge here. The v23 5g features a triple rear camera setup. The focal point here is a really beefy: 64 megapixel rear camera thats a lot of pixels and its flanked by an 8 megapixel camera and a neat macro camera too. But the true star of the show here is the front camera features a 50 megapixel sensor and another 8 megapixel camera for group, selfies or capturing. You know more of your surroundings, so thats the cameras stats on paper, you know, sounds great, but what does this actually? Look like in action: the dynamic range is amazing.

Its color reproduction is natural. Looking bokeh is creamy for a phone and in camera software is really fun to play with. So all of these photos come straight out of the phones, cameras with no post editing. It forms pretty well in all sorts of lighting conditions, a big part thanks to the range of pro controls, so i was able to manage saturation iso exposure and shutter speeds. This super zoom shot came out better than i expected, considering the only lighting source was the moon and i was shooting at a 125th shutter handheld night. Photography is surprisingly solid, too, or maybe its not so surprising, because the phones main rear camera comes with the integrated samsungs iso cell sensor, which is a relatively large mobile camera sensor to capture more light in the front facing 50 megapixel camera is where youll find this Phone batting above its weight as a mid ranger phone. If selfies are your thing youre seriously going to love this phone as for me, i dont think that im exactly photogenic so bear with me here. While i test out this selfie camera for reviews sake. The first thing i was really impressed with is the selfie spotlights you get on the 323 5g. I dont know how vivo managed to fit them into the slim curve. Bezels but theyve integrated two led spotlights with controllable color temperature to help control your selfie skin tone and compensate for the environments lighting. It seriously is useful and i found myself using it quite a lot.

Heres, a selfie shot in portrait mode, which gives you access to some pretty interesting facetune beauty features, and this one was shot with the ultrawide selfie lens and the spotlights turned on which would work best for group shots. And then this one with the 50 megapixel selfie camera with spotlight also turned on, and i think this looks best in my opinion, baked into the camera. App itself are on the fly, saturation and exposure tools to the side, auto focus locks eye and face tracking and pro tools to control iso, aperture and youre able to shoot raw too. We could be here all day going through the cameras features, but just know that this truly is a photographers phone on a budget. The 8 megapixel wide angle, rear camera and macro camera is nowhere near as impressive, though they produced a significant amount of noise in comparison, as you can see here, i found myself using the main camera most of the time for those macro shots anyway, rather than the Dedicated macro camera, there are definitely better mobile cameras on the market right now, which may or may not be a fair comparison. Given we should be looking from a mid range perspective here, but if one things for sure the v23 5g packs a lot of photography goodness for a fraction of the price, particularly when it comes to its stand out front camera for the perfect selfie. Oh – and i almost forgot this – is the video capability of this phone im currently recording at 4k 30 frames per second, as you can tell its not too shabby, but just remember this is a photo first type mobile phone, so dont expect you know pro level videography Here so those are the two standout features as a mid range phone, its unique design and its mobile photography capability.

Now what about the other features? Well, the display is quite nice. A 6.4 inch ammo led display that supports hdr 10 plus. The screen is also curved for that wrap around effect, which is a nice touch at this price point screen. Brightness is well quite bright at 600 nits max brightness, which makes it usable in almost all scenarios, except though, in direct sunlight, theres, a smart switch, auto refresh rate to help you save power, but i personally stuck to the high performance, 90 hertz, refresh rate option, because, Frankly, the battery is amazing: it holds a 4200 milliamp battery, which is definitely not the biggest battery around, but its sizeable given its quite a slim phone during my use. Over the last few weeks, it ran down to 20 battery only after two days of use, which includes web and app browsing. Some cores loads of photos, snapping and regular youtube videos. The very power efficient, dimensioning 920 chip pad with the fun touch 12 are likely. The key pieces to praise here for that long life battery and when it does actually run out of battery this thing is supercharged by a 44 watt flash charger and its fast, a 0 to 80 charge, took literally quite on the mark half an hour and about A full hour for a full charge expect the usage time to lower significantly if youre, a mobile gamer, but with regular day to day use this phone is a marathon runner backed with a supercharger.

So this phone does have its pitfalls. You know its not its, not perfect and sure it isnt the most powerful, mid ranger out there in terms of pure specs, but i mean. Can we really complain at the price point of only 459 dollars? I guess we could nitpick, but – and i find myself saying this a lot – i think it comes down to what you prioritize, because if you value a phones, design and build quality along with its photography capability. Well, this this is a standout mid, ranger phone. If not one of the best bang for buck phones out on the market right now – and i dont say that lightly – i also just cant get over the back panel. The color changing glass is just you know, amazing. I would not be surprised if more phones begin using this material on their own back panels soon enough, and in fact they already have if youre looking for a mid range phone or even a secondary phone, without paying thousands for another phone, the vivo v235g is worth Looking into will this phone replace my dedicated cameras, like you know my fuji x100v? Definitely not, but will it snap stellar shots and memories when its the only camera on me, it definitely would in almost any lighting situation paired with an above average display battery life and operating system. This is a serious contender if youre looking for a mid range phone on a budget and speaking of the fuji x100v, if youre into photography check out my full review on it on the side of the screen and feel free to critique my amateur photography.

If youre curious about my gear and tech, everyday carry ill leave a video here on screen too, so you can peep the tech that i use drop. The codeword comments, super selfie.