. Now these are wireless earbuds, which are amazing, ive, been using it for a bit now and its its its fantastic, its co, engineered together with uh duviale, who is a french brand who also make some fantastic speakers theyve been working with huawei for a while now, including The mate station x, for example, they co engineer that speaker the sound system in that this sounds amazing. It also supports high res audio. So if you use things like tidal for masters and ios audio lossless audio, this are fantastic ive been using it with my title. Account – and i really enjoy it, but without further chat, uh lets get into it and see what you get inside the box and see what this is all about. Talk about the design talk about the app and the sound quality inside the box. You get everything you need to get started, but before we get in the box we look at the packaging itself. It looks absolutely fantastic and clean and minimalist, especially on the back. You get more information things like dual speaker premium, sound. We got instant custom listening with adaptive. Equalizer weve got crystal calls here and be heard loud and clear. Weve got intelligent, dynamic, active noise cancellation 2.0. We have dual device connections, which is great and its ip54 rated for dust and water resistant. This only applies to the actual earphones itself for the earbuds and not the case, so dont put that case near water.

You are not going to be protected in that area, its, not water, sealed or anything like that. Okay, so inside the box you get the freebods pro itself in the case already uh. So if you open the box the case, you will see the earbuds in there with the led indicator light inside that lets. You know once its charged and the battery life is how much battery usage youve got left in there on. The bottom is a usbc port with led indicator lights uh. This are useful for charge, uh situation, so you let you know when its charging. This supports wireless charging as well, which is great, and then, if we take out uh what else is in the box, we do get a user guide, quick, start guide and warranty information, all that usual booklets you get in packaging and also underneath that we get the Usb 8 or usbc charging cable, so you can quickly charge your device up as soon as possible in terms of charge times about one hour for charging case. So without the earbuds in there, when you charge it charge it wired its about 40 minutes for the earbuds. In the charging case, and about 120 minutes for charging case with our earbuds wirelessly wireless charging, time off case and earbuds, i dont know that yeah. That was tbc when i got sent this. But i will leave that links uh. Sorry, information about that in the description area, for when i do find out what that is other than that closer look at the earbuds themselves.

So we see that its really snazzy. I love the chrome detailing all around there. Weve got the charging area right at the bottom, with some sensors all around it, a microphone and so on, and it just looks fantastic. This is also gesture. Uh ready, so youll be able to pinch. It youll be able to swipe it to do different things which will go through as well in the box as well. You do get various hair tip size sizes, so do pick the right ones for your ears, because that matters a lot. So you pick the right one, it means youll fit nice and snug, and the sound quality with better and active noise cancellation would also be as good as it can be as well. What youll also notice that the stems are quite short, almost like the airpods pro kind of size, so they wont be sticking out too much and it will actually fit really nice in here and they actually really are comfortable. And if you get the right snug size, you can go for a run with it and exercise with it. After all, is ip52 rated for water and dust. So if youre gon na be running a sweating, youd be completely fine. Its quite slippery, though so, do be careful when taking it out. If you happen to sweat or have anything liquid or anything around it, so be careful in that area. So, to get this working, you need to download the my ai life app, which you can also download using the qr code on the back of the packaging.

So you can scan that and that will take you directly to it, so its compatible with both android and ios, as well so youll be able to use this with your iphone or android devices or even huawei products as well. So if you have a wireless smartphone still youll be able to use it. It also has a feature on there, thats particular to huawei devices which ill show you guys as well. So once youve gone through the pairing mode, which you have to go into settings on the iphone and pair it in the bluetooth settings before you come back into the app and then do all the different things you can log in to monet, to manage your smart Devices, but you dont have to in order to actually pair this up and use it so straight away. We tap this and it tells us what battery life we have left. So once this connector says connected left and right battery life and the case battery life thats there as well and then, if we go down, we have noise control. So we have noise cancelling. We can turn it off and we got awareness as well. So you can still hear whats going on around you whilst youre doing this. So weve got noise cancellation. We have uh different modes, so youve selected that drop down menu. We have dynamic which adjusts noise cancellation based on your surroundings, so you automatically do it using ai and all that software jazz.

We have cozy, which is ideal for places with a little noise. You have general, which is ideal for noisy places like your train stations and so on, and you have ultra, which is great for extremely noisy places. Again, like your train stations, you can bump it up and it will sort of amplify the noise. Sorry, the sound using microphones and all that ai jazz in there, which is pretty cool. One thing i would say, though, is during my test going through different modes here in terms of noise control, i didnt really feel a big jump in the differences, so when it was turned off versus when it was on or going for the menu and selecting different Noise, cancelling mode or selecting awareness. I didnt really hear a big jump in differences compared to your airpods pro, where, if you put active noise cancellation, uh, so noise cancellation on or off, you will feel the difference so thats. Something to bear in mind. Perhaps therell be a software update for that or my hearing is just going to be completely different from you guys and if you buy one itll be totally different. Weve got more options there, though. So, if you go to more weve got your gestures settings. So here you can pinch, you can pinch and hold or you can swipe, as you can see right at the top there. If you pinch once, you can do things like answer your calls and then phone calls, you can pinch twice to reject phone calls or you can select nothing at all, and then you have pinch ones for play pause again.

You can do nothing at all, otherwise the rest of them is the same situation, so you can pinch twice for next song pinch three times for previous song and if youve got a pitch pinch and hold, you can wake up your voice assistant, in my case, siri On my iphone or you can pinch and hold the right bud for noise control, so that would be your things like: noise, cancellation and wake up voice assistant and so on. So we can go back out. You can go swipe which will allow you to adjust volume. Thats, all you can do on here, unfortunately, theres, nothing else. You can do with that, but they do work. The only problem with the gestures is the ear tips. The the earbuds are quite short stemmed. So im, not a big fan of pinching earbud stems anyway for gestures, because they can be quite awkward once in here to try and find that gap to pinch uh, the actual stem of the earbuds elsewhere. We have uh tit fit test, so do do that to get the best result of noise cancellation, youve got updates uh. There are no updates available at the minute, ive checked already and we do have sound effects, which is where you see the dvla sort of collaboration. Further collaboration here, so this uh, basically your preset equalizer preset, so you can select the default effect, which is co created with dvla and it sounds really good.

Youve got bass boost, got treble voices and you can create your own as well. So if you click that edit there you can do your own equalizer settings there, frequencies, if you understand what youre doing you can do that and rename it and have it as you want to do, and you can delete it and add more as well. You also have hd calls which enhances the clarity of the voice calls and it works really well, but this would depend on the device and actual uh network quality as well, but so far so good im going to tell you now the sound quality on this sounds Amazing, the sound, very rich theres good separation between the instruments ive been using tidal, listening to coffees album, which is also released as a master on tidal, and it sounds absolutely amazing. I cant i cant fault this when it comes to sound quality at all the areas. I will fault it at would be the stem in terms of the gesture i dont im, not massive fan of it, theres, no special audio, which is something im starting to get used to with apple devices um. It would be nice if that was there. For example, phone calls are very clear and crystal clear just as stated on the box. It sounds absolutely fantastic and the auto recognizing whether youve put it on or not in your ears that works each and every time as well. We go into settings here.

Weve got things like smartware detection, which i was just talking about, and theres also one more thing which is low, audio latency. This is uh when you have choppy environment or network issue network congestion area. This will actually help you with that as well. So thats a massive bonus to have with this one more thing: if you have a huawei device, theres, also extra options that you can have, for example, this is it this is identify song. So if you do have yourself a huawei device, thats running emui, 11.0 or later youll be able to use that feature, which is, i think, its pretty cool would be nice if they released that. So you can actually use that with other devices as well, be like shazam, but right at your fingertips and thats it for the huawei free buds pro 2. guys. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below ill leave all relevant links in the description area. So you guys can do your research further research before you decide to buy one if you want to buy one um. Anything ive missed out during this review. I will be in the description area, so things like some stats or specifications or whatever ill add them in the description area, so you guys can check it out, but as always, if this is your first time around here, please do subscribe, hit the bell notification as Well, so you get notified every time.

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