The latest released from oukitel. This review unit was sent to me by oukitel a company that has built a reputation over the years in the rugged smartphone industry im, so excited and cant wait to see what they got cooking this time around. In order to make sure you have a good viewing experience, i have included timestamps to help you navigate through the entire video with ease also be sure to watch my review of the doji v25d and the doji s98 another rugged device. You should consider, if youre in the market, for a rugged smartphone. So if this is the first time on my channel, you are welcome. I do take reviews on this channel and you can support me by subscribing liking and clicking on the bell icon, so thats not to miss out on future videos. This will help increase my chances of getting more products for reviews. Also so without further ado, fasten your seatbelt and lets dive into todays video inside the box. We have the phone user manual, sim card, ejection tool, some paperwork, a type c to c cable and a 33 watt faster that break the unit. I have is the hdb plus 256 gb black variant that features a 6.78 inches full hd plus display with a 2460 by 1080 resolution, a 20.5 to 9 aspect ratio, a triple camera setup and a tough body build its packed with a whopping 21 000 mah battery. As much as the record for a smartphone with the largest battery according to okito, this device can last up to 94 days on standby and more than 10 days on normal use.

It supports the trial, speedy, fast charging and can be charged from zero to 100 percent. Within three hours in terms of connectivity, this device is capable of 4g and supports all global band networks, its packed with wi fi, bluetooth, 5 and nfc, which supports google pay on the front. We have a 16 megapixel camera setup and a front facing speaker on the left. We have a customizable button and sim card sd card slot on the top. We have nothing on the right. We have a non split volume, rocker and a power button, which also doubles as a fingerprint sensor. On the bottom side, we have a protected type c charging port and a headphone jack on the back. We have the speakers brand logo, three camera setups, which also includes a night vision, camera main camera and macro camera, dual tone, flash and four infrared emitters. This device is ip68 and ip69k certified, with thickness height and weight of 29mm, 178mm and 84mm respectively, weighs about 570 grams and feels like a brick overall. I think the build quality is awesome. Lets go ahead and boot up this device. On first glance, you can already see this device comes with google service pro installed, which is quite impressive, considering its a chinese smartphone, the screen feels very smooth and bright thanks to its full hd plus display, which features a 90 has refresh rate and a 2460 by 1080 resolution this device comes packed with android 12 running on the media, tech, helio, g95 octa core processor and 8 gigs of ram the fingerprint and face unlock on this device is pretty fast and im impressed with it on this menu.

The side button can be configured to open apps, like maps and contact lists or perform other operations like turning on flashlights, sol scores and voice. Recording this device comes back to some impressive measurement tools which i present in most rugged smartphones. This includes compass, height, meter, plum, knob, projector and more. I believe you all agree with me that display on this device is amazing and the colors are quite fluid. The audio on this device is also very good. I will leave it for you to judge your ears and leave your comments on it. In the comment section moving over to the camera department, this device comes equipped with this 4 megapixel main camera, a 20 megapixel night vision, camera and a 2 megapixel micro camera. As always, a rugged smartphone isnt considered rugged enough on this channel. If it doesnt have a night vision camera, i spent some time getting used to it and at this point i think its safe to say that, finally, we have found a device that can compete with the doojies in the navigation camera department. The images produced on this device are great and it can shoot videos on 4k, 2k, 1080p, full hd, 720p hd and 420p vga, but the downside is that there isnt any inbuilt image stabilization, so your videos will definitely wobble if you dont hold this table enough. Overall. Im impressed with the camera performance, i must say, i tested this device on antutu version 9.

2. I checked the temperature before and after the process and im quite impressed with this score. Its performance is not far apart from the doogee s98 pro, which runs on a mediatek helio g96 processor, considering its not a gaming device, i think its okay, obviously the okita wp19 doesnt appeal to all smartphone users due to its share width and size. I mean this thing has some way to eat coming in at about 570 grams. If this thing was to fall in your face, you definitely will be sustaining some injuries so who needs this kind of smartphone? You ask if you have someone who works in extreme weather conditions, for example, a civil engineer fireman or just a smartphone exclusive is interested in long, lasting battery navigation camera and a strong bodybuild capable of surveying any kind of hashtag condition. Then this is the go to phone for you. This device is very durable and packs a whopping 21 000 mah battery. This is literally a power bank with a phone in the front and yes, it can be used to charge your other devices. This explains why i called it the phone that refused to die its expected to sell for about 599 usd more information on that will be in the description below. Finally, we have come to the end of todays video thanks for sticking around. I really hope i was able to give you a good review and i would love to hear in the comments section your thoughts about this video.