That, for me, is comfortable to hold in the hand. It is water and dust resistant, the craftsmanship is top notch and i found a matte gorilla glass victus covered backplate to be doing a great job, camouflaging the fingerprints. At the first glance, the xperia one mark iv has a pretty conventional camera setup, but there is actually more than you can see. In addition to the ultra wide wide and depth sensors, the device has a continuous optical zoom lens, which can seamlessly zoom from 85 to 125 millimeters 3.5 to 5.2 x. Zoom may not seem a lot, but this is the innovation we may start seeing in more devices. Soon, this is a true optical zoom that allows to maintain the picture quality throughout the zoom range for comparison. When you want to use the zoom, which is in between the focal lengths of each camera sensor, the conventional phones use digital zoom. The xperia 1 mark 4 uses optical zoom, even if you choose 86, 87, 90, 100 and other focal lengths. This is something we havent seen before. The photo quality using variable optical zoom lens is pretty good. Yet some of the shots could be a little bit sharper. Keep in mind that all of the shots you see in this video were taken handheld still. This lens is capable of taking pretty good quality pictures, but the performance could be more consistent. The video recording requires a tripod for the best results to avoid natural, long zoom shakiness.

This xperia also has the so called 16 to 375 millimeters seamless zoom option which may not be as seamless as it is being marketed, but it is very useful tool when the object is far away. The quality is pretty good unless you reach extreme levels of digital zoom. One of my favorite features the ability to shoot 4k 120 fps video on all camera lenses. While i rarely export videos in this frame rate, i love slowing down the footage in post for a bit of a dramatic look. This is what i usually do with my sony: a7s 3.. The quality of 120fps video is really impressive, as the footage is sharp, detailed and the colors are natural. Honestly, i miss 4k 120fps video on other devices, as we already have powerful mobile chipsets that can handle this frame rate and resolution. Hopefully, we can see more devices that can compete with sony in this apartment. In the future. You can record videos using three different apps, which may be a little bit confusing at first, but all of them have different purposes. The basic mode of the photo pro app allows you to record excellent quality 4k 30 fps video that is sharp, stable and smooth. I also found the color rendition to be similar to the camera used to record this review. Sony a7s iii go to the video pro app if you want a lot of settings to play with or rely on auto settings, and it allows you to use more frame rates up to 120 fps cinema pro app provides even more freedom, and it has a lot Of creative looks and plenty of manual controls for your cinematic expression.

One of my favorite features real time eye tracking that works really well on both humans and animals in both photo and video modes. The object tracking is here too, and it works great just like on alpha cameras, the downside. These features are limited to 30 fps for comparison, sony, a7s iii. Camera has all of these features in each frame rate, but its a much more expensive, prosumer level camera for still shooters the photo pro app offers, a ridiculously fast burst mode and plenty of settings to play with a dedicated two stage. Shutter key is still here and i found it to be very convenient. Daylight images taken with the ultra wide and the main lens are very impressive. They are very sharp, detailed. The colors are very accurate and you get these signature sonys you get what you see result just like you would use a professional camera. The portrait shots look okay, but this is not where sony phones shine. The edge detection could be better in some of the pictures. Low light image quality is typical sony. The scene is not brightened up too much, as there is no dedicated night mode again, you kind of get what you see and if you like this approach, you will usually be happy with sharp and clean looking photos. The front facing camera takes one of the sharpest looking selfies ive seen, however, before you use the selfie portrait mode turn off all of the enhancements first, unless you want to look like an anime character, if you do that, selfie portraits will look pretty nice selfies at Night, look quite good if you manage to find some street lighting.

The front facing camera is finally capable of recording 4k 30 fps video. The footage is nice, sharp, stable and the audio recording quality is very impressive, hear it yourself. First, impressions uh what im seeing on the phones this display is that the camera is quite stable. The video is quite stable and smooth. Besides its cameras, the xperia one mark 4 has quite a lot of other features like a 6.5 inches 4k hdr oled 120 hertz refresh rate display that is now 50 brighter, and it is easily one of the best screens on any phone. Increased brightness allows you to easily see it outdoors, sonys signature, dynamic vibration system works. Great, the headphone jack provides the audio quality that is probably the best on any phone. The fingerprint reader is fast and accurate wireless and reverse wireless charging are convenient and there is a hybrid dual sim and a micro sd card slot that can be opened without any tools. Also, dual front facing speakers are one of the best on the market as they provide rich and natural. Sound here is an audio test. Music. The snapdragon 8 gen 1 is at the core of this device and it is coupled with 12 gigabytes of ram and up to 512 gigabytes of storage, as you may expect from the latest sony flagship, the performance is top notch, no matter, if you play the latest 3D games or scroll through the ui, however, the device tends to get quite hot, especially if you are recording 4k 120 fps video on a sunny day outdoors, you may even get an overheating warning if you use the phone in 27 degrees celsius or 80 degrees, fahrenheit Weather, on the other hand, the phone didnt heat up to uncomfortable levels when it is cooler outdoors or when you use the device indoors.

Even though there is some thermal throttling, the snapdragon 8 gen 1 has so much power that the performance remains pretty much. The same. Still, i hope that there is a software update that improves the thermal performance of this device in the future. I like sonys approach towards the ui. We have a mix of stock, android and sonys proprietary software features like sidesense and multi window that perfectly utilizes a 21×9 aspect ratio screen. There are also quite a few other settings and customization options to play with. Overall, i love the clean look of the ui and the phone feels super fast. All the time in terms of battery, i had to recharge it every day, because i used the phone for 4k 120fps video recording a lot if you use the xperia one mark 4. Less intensively, you can expect the built in 5000 milliamp hours unit to last longer than that which translates to about 7 or 8 hours of screen on time. Sony does not provide you anything in the retail box, except for some paperwork. If i were sony, i would get rid of all of these papers too its wasteful and nobody reads them. Anyway. I tested the charging speeds with a 30 watt pd charger, and it took about 1 hour and 40 minutes to fully charge the phone which is very slow compared to the competition overall. The xperia one mark iv is a unique flagship with solid cameras and hardware package.

That is second none if you dont mind a very steep price tag of over 1300 euros in the eu or 1600 dollars in the us. You like sonys approach to true to life image processing and you dont mind some thermal throttling in hot weather. The xperia one mark iv is the right device for you. It is again a tech enthusiast phone who loves adjusting camera settings and shooting cinematic videos with innovative camera system. The best audio quality through the headphone jack is the priority. The 4k hdr 120hz oled display is not an overkill for him and there is plenty of processing, power and other features. Every tech nerd loves to use overall, the xperia one mark iv is yet another sonys flagship that is not going to break any sales records, but its a phone that will be definitely appreciated by tech lovers. That applaud sonys efforts to provide a lot of niche but unique, or you may call professional features that are packed into your signature, sony style body. What do you think about the sony xperia one mark iv, and what is your favorite feature? Tell me in the comment section down below also please like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you found this video useful and if you want to see more content like this and it was lions.