This was very kindly sent into me free of charge by the manufacturer. No moneys changed hands. They havent asked me to say anything in particular im just going to share with you my experience of using this over the past few weeks, so you can make an informed buying decision so lets get on with the review. As i mentioned earlier, this is the tcl 30se smartphone. This is the product box youre, seeing here, and this is the box contents. The box is nice and understated, and if we look around on the back of the box, the main features here are the fact that this has got a 50 megapixel sensor on one of the rear cameras: 128 gigabytes of storage, four gigabytes of ram a 5 000 Milliamp hour battery a 6.52 inch hd plus display with a little mini notch in it and an 8 core processor, its a really commendable specification. Considering this is a budget smartphone, i think thats, a fantastic spec. Now inside the box, we get some paperwork. We get a quick start guide, some extra safety and warranty information. We get a little services sheet with all of the contact details on. Should you need to contact support, we get a sim removal tool. We also get a usb cable, its usb on one end and usb c on the opposing end. This is the end thats going to go into your smartphone, and then you get a country specific usb charger im in the uk, so its a three pin uk charger.

Usb on this end, depending upon which country youre in youll get a country specific charger inside the box and then of course, you get the smartphone itself and its a lightweight smartphone, but it feels very, very nice in the hand, i absolutely love the quality feel of This, if i just turn this over youll see the back has got this glimmering effect to it. It is a plastic back, but it feels like a nice grade. Material weve got a fingerprint sensor in the middle here and that array of cameras, one of which is 50 megapixels weve, also got a little tiny flash. The camera sticks out a little tiny bit, but not too bad, and that fingerprint sensor is pretty good. If i turn the phone off and then just tap that fingerprint sensor, it really is very responsive and accurate as well. Ive had hardly any misses. In fact, the only problem ive had with the fingerprint sensor is just where i havent quite trained myself, where to tap the back of the phone when ive got it on target. It is absolutely 100 accurate. A really nice screen on this very, very nice screen, the refresh rate, is just a standard refresh rate, but it feels nice and responsive to the touch. Now, if i just pop into settings and go down to about this phone were going to here and then about phone weve got those specifications listed again. The display 720 by 1600 front camera is 8 megapixels and then weve got a 50 megapixel on the rear, plus two 2 megapixels, the storage listed the processor and the fact that its running google android version 12.

so were right up to date. On this and its a really nice responsive, smartphone on the side here, weve got the power on off and the volume control and on this side here we have got the sim tray on the bottom. Weve got the speakers and that usb c connector for charging and on the top weve still got a headphone jack and a secondary microphone so nice to see that the little tiny teardrop at the top, the little notch for the camera is really unobtrusive and the cameras On the back perform exceptionally well, if i go into the gallery here, lets just switch this round to landscape. These photos are superb, so so much detail, ive been really impressed with how this cameras been performing. In fact, lets just uh switch through to lets. Have a look at this one. Look at the colors on this particular photo: absolutely brilliant, really good color rendition and a great amount of detail. I absolutely love it, and then this is a close up one one of my lightsabers there, its really picked up the details. So so well, its a nice and responsive camera as well ive been really pleased with the camera performance. It works equally as well for photos and videos regards to battery life 5 000 milliamp hour battery. That is absolutely superb easily enough to get you through a whole day and possibly two days if youre a low to medium user charge it up nice and quick via the usb charger.

I just think this is a great budget choice smartphone, but with some really good specifications and the camera performance that far exceeded my expectation, i dont think youll be disappointed with the camera performance at all. It comes supplied with quite a lot of software pre installed, but of course, some of these bits that you dont want are easy to uninstall. But overall, this is just a great smartphone. I think tcl have done a fantastic job with the tcl 30 se.