What is this guy saying? Thank you. Why is this? Why is this thing too thin? Whats that, like take a look at the bottle water, its so thin, take a look at it. Are you surprised everything is becoming so thin these days? Just take a look at this. Take a look at this now, its so thin like its so thin Laughter, Music tecno has been maintaining a particularly strong common series of devices for some time now it keeps on improving its value proposition on these phones and the new 2022 refresh is no different. This year we have two major highlights of the device, which is the 64 megapixels lgbw sensor, co developed with samsung and the exquisite ultra slim bezel that surrounds the whole device, making it one of the slimmest in the industry. Also, this is the first time techno is incorporating an nfc tech to its device. Nfc allows easy, sharing payment, read and write cards when the phone touches a compatible nfc device. Nfc actually stands for near fuel communication – hey guys, freds tech up here and in this video ill, be unboxing and review the all new techno camon 19 pro 5g, but before we begin kindly hit on that subscribe button down below and turn on post notifications. So you get alerted whenever i post new content like this, for the unboxing experience as usual with most recent techno devices. The first thing you notice when you open the box, is a smartphone covered in plastic, which conceals the crucial features of the device.

After that, there is a 12 plus one month, warranty card a plastic silicone case, the earpiece, a usb type c charging cord with a 33 wire fast charger and a sim ejector tool. Moving back to the device, the slickness of teknos letter series is incredible. Imagine a smartphone that is only 0.98 millimeters thick. It must be really stunning. The camo 19 pro 5g comes in two distinctive colors, which are cedar green and eco black. The eco black color, is what i have here and it looks really stunning stunningly beautiful. Is the perfect phrase to describe the tecno camon 19 pro 5g? There is a punch hole at the front of the device that houses a selfie camera. We have slim bezels all around, even though the bottom bezel is kind of thick. It is forgiving. What theyve done here, because the bezels at the site are unbelievably slim just like the spark 9 pro, the back of the camera 19 pro 5g carries design cues from its younger sibling. It has a matte finishing which prevents it from smudges and fingerprints, its a tall device, but it feels really nice to hold for the build quality the ruby device is made from glass while the frame is made from plastic, no matter what this device is made of. It feels like a premium device. From all perspective. More reason, it won the im award of 2022. I really love the excellent build quality and height fuels in the hand.

You really need to experience this device in person to have a clear understanding of what im talking about, because i feel like this video doesnt. Do it justice enough, i developed the device. We have. Two camera rings that houses a 64 megapixel main camera with optical image. Stabilization, a two megapixel depth sensor and a 50 megapixels optical zoom lens, as well as a quad flashlight, the power button and the volume controls are located at the right side of the device. The power button also functions as a fingerprint scanner, and it is very quick and responsive all the time, and there is absolutely no complaint here. We have a sim card tray on the left that can hold two nano sim card, as well as a micro sd card. As you can see, the bottom of the phone houses, the headphone jack, a microphone, a usb type c charging port and a speaker grille, the top of the device has a cutout for the earpiece, which actually thought was the speaker. That would complement the one at the bottom of the device, giving it a stereo sound, but i was wrong. Speaking of the speakers. The camera 19.5 g right here has a down firing speaker that sounds okay, but lacks bass and overall clarity at max volume. A stereo setup would have been better. I guess: okay, the 6.8 inches device has a full hd plus display with a punch hole at the front of the device.

It has a resolution of 1080 by 2460 pixels and a pixel density of ‘5.. The display is sharp, bright and enjoyable to watch youtube videos and consume media content on it has a 120 hertz high refresh rate that makes scrolling and navigating to the user interface feels like a breeze. The lcd display on the camera 19 pro might seem like a downgrade coming from its predecessor, okay, to be frank, its actually a downgrade, but oh boy, this thing looks so good. It has if its an amoled display its a very good lcd display that gets surprisingly bright. Outdoors, i would say this is probably one of the best lcd displays ive used so far like im, not joking here on the performance aspect, the tecno camon 19. Pro 5g comes with a mediatek diamond city 810 cpu paired with 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigabytes of internal storage. That is more than enough for all your storage needs for one. The device is fast and poses an upgrade to the helio g96 processor. The dimension 810 cpu is a six nanometer sensor that is more power efficient and offers overall performance improvement over the helio g96. The device is very fast and capable of handling all sort of stacks on the antutu benchmarks. The common 19 pro 5g delivered a score of 372 hundred and sixteen while geekbench shows 567 on the single course core and 1613 on the multi course call, which is pretty decent from the results shown here.

It shows that it is capable of handling most 3d games at medium to high graphics settings. As usual, i played call of duty mobile and the gameplay was ok with adjusted graphics settings. Raw performance is fine, with 8 gigs of ram and with memory efficient technology, which adds extra five gigabytes of ram, making it 13 gigabyte in total, multitasking opening, apps and general performance is super amazing, more so, when scrolling through the user interface, it is super responsive. Thanks to the 120 hertz high refresh rate for the software, android 12 is what comes with the common 19 pro 5g and with the new custom software, which is ios 8.6. It comes with some new features and user experience, just as we saw on the tecnospace 9 pro a swipe from the top right corner reviews. The quick settings panel then a swipe to the left reviews the notification center. The settings menu also sees some new ui changes. The whole software experience is fast and very responsive. However, the camera 90 still comes with some bluetooth, which is something you cant do without into this android phone a little bit of housekeeping by installing some of the unwanted apps will do you good? Okay, now lets move on to the main highlight of this smartphone, which is the camera. Yes, the camera right here, the camera, 19.5 gs capture, good, looking daylight images with a satisfactory amount of details. It has punchy colors, decent dynamic range and accurate exposure.

The new 64 megapixels lgw sensor introduces a new era of photography. I like how enhanced and saturated most of the images appears. It offers some level of consistency on all images, and that goes to show how well optimized techno has done to the new camon series. Indoor shots shows the magic behind the collaboration between techno and samsung, the ability to letting more light result in desired indoor photos that look sharp detail and well exposed. The camera also introduces new photography effects whereby you can add artificial sky to outdoor pictures, and the image it produces looks very okay. If you ask me, i would say it is a nice feature to have, but it is something i will not use all the time. However, for the ladies out there theyll really love this particular feature. The supernatural is, one amazing feature i love from the camera because it improves the background brightness and reduces noise on the image. There is some degree of clarity in its night images, which i really love. Now, when it comes to portraits portrait, images are good and with good edge detection. Im really impressed with its quality and height handles dynamic range. The 16 megapixel selfie camera is very impressive and dynamic range looks good too. I like how the selfie camera is able to retain more detail, and i also like the color reproduction selfie portrait looks good as well, and i, like the skin tone too, for videos. The camo 19 pro 5g comes in an optical image stabilization, but for some reason it shoots video in 2k resolution with no video stabilization.

If you want your footage stabilized, you have to switch down to 1080p mode. However, im still impressed with the results here, especially on high handle dynamic range, what up, what up guys. So this is the front facing camera of the tecno camon 19 pro 5g, currently shooting in 2k resolution 30 frames per second. The footage looks great. Skin tone is okay, but dynamic range is softening a little bit as you can see here. However, the skin tone looks fine, it looks okay and the video quality is sharp as well, but its really really struggling when it comes to hdr. What do you guys think about this kind of? Let me know in the comment section below. As for the battery the common 19 pro 5g comes with a 5000mah battery, which i feel will be more than enough for an average user. It can completely last the entire day on a single charge and when its time to juice it up again techno claims, it will take 65 minutes to charge from zero to 100, and while that is slightly true, i didnt get it to charge at that speed. From my testing it took the included 33 watt fast charger, one hour, 10 minutes to charge from zero to 100. So i guess the extra five minutes is nothing right. To sum things up, the tecno camon series represents a hero product of techno in both camera and design fronts. It comes with excellent camera, a decent display that can stand next to an amoled display.

Yes, you heard me right amazing design and a very good battery life. For now the price of the camon 19 pro 5g is unknown, but i will surely keep you guys updated in my description box and my pin comment. When i get an actual price once this device is released, i would highly recommend you go check out. The new technocarbon 19 pro 5g or the new carbon 19 series in general kindly share your talk to me down in the comment section below lets discuss. Thank you so much for watching.