So this is Tecnos Camon 19 Pro officially launching in Nigeria today, alongside the Camon 19 Pro 5G and a regular Camon 19. Youll notice. It looks just like the Camon 19 Pro 5G and the fact is that theyre, basically the same phones just different processor and slight difference in their camera systems, which you might actually find interesting.. Also the 5G one gets that gorgeous green color with a part. Leather finish on the back., I have a separate video on the Camon 19 Pro 5G and another video comparing them both, which will be linked in the description. So you can check them out. After watching this, video of course., The Tecno Camon 19 Pro is likely going to retail for around 165000 naira Im, yet to confirm that, as at the time of recording this but Ill update it on screen and in the description., The Camon 19 Pro gives you the Typical unboxing experience, youd expect of a Tecno device., All accessories complete, including earphones charger, protective casing and preinstalled screen protector.. At this point, I think only Tecno and Infinix release their phones with complete accessories.. The Camon 19 Pro comes in just two colors Eco Black and Polar Blue. For design. This is arguably one of the best looking phones at its price point.. I especially like the camera design, those large circular bumps one hosting its main sensor and the other hosting the Telephoto and depth sensors.. Interestingly, the Camon 19 Pro 5G doesnt get the Telephoto Camera.

. The back has a nicely designed matt textured finish. Probably glass. Tecno describes it as having a diamond coating of 200 million stars like a bright starry, sky., Hmm thats, some description.. It does look and feel premium and I love the rear finish.. You can tell a lot of thought went into this design.. The Tecno Camon 19 Pro has that boxy design profile, which is pretty much recent standards for a nicely designed phone, these days. And yes, it can stand.. It has a glossy frame which I think is made of plastic. Youll find its buttons and ports in their expected position, but theres one thing to note.: It still doesnt come with stereo speakers. Theres, just that bottom firing mono speaker, which is loud enough with good quality. But at this price point youll agree with me that stereo speakers is the standard.. As expected. The Tecno Camon 19 Pro supports dual Nano sim cards and theres an extra slot for a micro, sd card.. It uses a side mounted fingerprint scanner which does a pretty good job of unlocking the device and is reliable.. The grill at the top frame is not for an extra speaker but more for the earpiece, which had to be moved here as theres no room atop. The display, thanks to its extremely slim, bezels., The Tecno Camon 19 Pro and Pro 5G, has the slimmest bezels Ive, seen on any flat screen device, I dare say even thinner, bezels than the one on the Samsung Galaxy S22, except that it has a slightly thicker chin.

So no perfect symmetry.. The display, however, is an LCD panel, and that might be a bummer for many, especially since it can be considered a downgrade from the Camon 18 Premier, which had an AMOLED display, probably to keep the price down.. But on the bright side. I kid you not when I say this is one of the best. Looking LCD displays Ive used., It is very vibrant. You might have to look twice to be sure. Its not AMOLED.. Tecno describes it as high gamut display.. It is 6.8 inches in size and has a 1080p resolution.. It has a display density of ‘5 pixels per inch and gets decent level of brightness suitable for use outdoors. Due to the almost non existent bezels on the display, the Camon 19 Pro doesnt get a front facing flashlight like most other Tecno phones.. The display gets 120hz screen refresh, which is set to auto by default, but I prefer to have it set to 120hz always.. You get fluid experience running through the UI. Thanks to the high refresh rate. On software, the Tecno Camon 19 Pro comes with Android 12 and Tecnos HiOS version 8.6.. I can say for certain HiOS here is more refined on the bloatware and ads front, as while it comes with some apps pre installed, you dont get ads as we do on the lower priced devices.. So far I didnt get any ads, except from Palm Store app, which was frequent, and I had to block its notification.

Access.. The software experience is pretty stable, no lags or bugs. In my experience, so far. HiOS is feature packed and provides you with a lot of customisation options. Theres Tecnos, voice assistant Ella, and we also get Memfusion for RAM Extension, which allows you extend the already sufficient 8GB RAM by up to 5GB more in virtual RAM.. When you take a look at the specs sheet of the Tecno Camon 19 Pro, you probably find it hard to determine if its actually an upgrade from the Camon 18 Premiere of last year, especially since it comes with the same processor and also does not have an Amoled display, like its predecessor., Well youre, not the only one wondering., Interestingly thats, not all The rear camera. While it now gets actual OIS a high resolution, Telephoto lens and laser autofocus, it doesnt get an ultra wide and no periscope zoom, like we got on the 18 Premier, which gave us up to 60x zoom, and we could capture the moon.. Depending on your preferences, though, you could say this is a much better camera system than its predecessor., Most users wont be zooming and taking shots at 30 or 60x.. Well, explore more on its cameras. Later., The Camon 19 Pro is powered by Mediateks Helio G96, which is a solid processor for this price point, even though its same as its predecessor., Its a 12nm processor, which provides solid performance for the Camon 19 Pro and should handle whatever you throw at it.

Without stress. Benchmark scores, look solid both on Antutu and Geekbench., Putting benchmark scores aside. The performance here is great.. On gaming, the Camon 19 Pro actually does great.. I tried Apex Legends and I was able to max out the graphics settings at ultra HD and high frame rate.. My game play was lag free and I got consistent 40 frames per second with no frame drops. No heating either. Call of Duty mobile, allows you play at medium, graphics, settings and high frame. Rate. Also had no issues with this one as the gameplay was lag free in my experience. Battery life on the Camon 19 Pro is solid and reliable.. We get 5000 mAh battery and Ill say its optimised well enough to take you through the whole day without reaching for your charger.. Now lets come to its cameras.. Like I already mentioned, the Camon 19 Pro comes with an entirely different camera system than its predecessor.. We get a 64MP main camera with actual Optical Image, Stabilisation, making the Camon 19 Pro and Pro 5G, the only device aside, Samsungs midrangers, to have OIS. If you enable the camera and shake the device, while looking closely at the lens youll, see it adjusting. Theres. Also, the high resolution 50mp Telephoto Camera with 2x optical zoom. Next to it is a 2MP depth sensor.. If you look closely at the bottom, camera ring just at the top youll notice. What looks like two sensors – I take it, those are for the Laser autofocus.

. It gets a high resolution – 32MP selfie camera.. How does all these camera specs translate to performance? You might ask …. Well, I might be right to say this is the most impressive Ive seen on any Tecno device, so far. The Camon 19 Pro shoots. Really good pictures with great HDR performance. Photos look well processed even with human subjects and Ill say it is worthy of the price point.. The Telephoto Camera, with its 50mm focal length, allows you capture, really good close up portrait shots and edge detection is impressive. Theres. The impressive sky shop, camera mode, which uses AI to change the sky to different scenes and the actual shots, look so real.. This only works during the day as it needs to detect the bright sky to be able to do its thing. The night mode on the Camon 19 Pro is pretty impressive photos. Look sharp and not overprocessed. Looks like actual night shots, though youll notice, some lens flare. If there are bright lights in the shot., One of the main features of the Camon 19 Pros Selfies on the Camon 19 Pro looks good could be a bit better on the skin tone. But this is fine. For portrait selfies. We see an improvement in HDR processing. Edge detection is still not perfect, but for the most part it does okay. One of the main features of the Camon 19 Pro camera is its optical image stabilisation.. This is actual OIS and not like the gimbal one on its predecessor.

. It works really well to help you get stable, footage., Its videos are shot in 2K at 30 frames per second no 4K recording here. The Tecno Camon 19. Pro is an impressive device aside. The fact that it uses the same processor as the Camon, 18 Premier and doesnt have an AMOLED display. We can take comfort in the fact that its cameras are greatly improved and its design and build quality is top class.. If youre, not nit picky about the AMOLED display, youll love its LCD.. If you want to see how the it performs against the Camon 19 Pro 5G checkout this video – and if you want to see a review of the Camon 19 Pro 5G check out, that one.