It can literally change the sky. Now. How many smartphones do you know that can do that with a stock camera app? None, the tecno camon 19 pro has a 6.8 inch full hd display with a refresh rate of 120 heads. It has eight gigabyte of ram that can be expanded to 10 gigabyte of ram. True memory, fusion. It has a 64 megapixel main camera, a 50 megapixel telephoto camera powering. This smartphone is a 5000mah battery and the processor it comes with is the mediatek helio? What did you say, i said, immediately, kill you speak louder now we cant see whats wrong with you. Leave me alone. The tecno camo 19 pro has some really cool tricks up its sleeves, but is that enough reason to buy this smartphone well lets find out now this smartphone comes in two colors polar blue and echo black. It comes with a tpu case, a 33 watts, fast charger that charges this smartphone from zero to one hundred percent. In one hour, 30 minutes you also get an earpiece, a usb type c cable and a sim ejector tool now moving to the build quality. The rear is made from plastic, it attracts zero fingerprints and smudges. The plastic frame, on the other hand, has a thing for fingerprints moving to the front it doesnt have corning gorilla, glass protection and also this smartphone doesnt have an ip rating guys. I submerged this smartphone in water for one minute and if you want to know what happened, you can watch that video on tick, tock and instagram yeah my handles moving to the external features.

It has two microphones one at the top and another one at the bottom. This smartphone has 10 bezels that even the year slit is on top of his smartphone wow. It has a dual 4g sim and memory card slots at the bottom. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack, the microphone, a usb type c port and a mono speaker for the sound quality its loud. It sounds good, but the bass is lacking on. The right side is where the volume and power buttons are located. The power button doubles as the fingerprint scanner and the unlock speed is instant, but the animation kind of slows it down a bit now. Moving to the red, it has a 64 megapixel super night main camera with optical image. Stabilization, a 50 megapixel telephoto camera, a 2 megapixel depth camera with led flashlight by the side and laser autofocus sensors that are hidden just above the two cameras over there. Moving to the front, it has a tattoo megapixel selfie camera with no led flashlight and thats, because theres simply no space to fix one there on the ultra thin bezels at 0.98 millimeters, the tecno camon 19 pro has one of the tiniest bezels out there i mean You can see how tin it is at the top and the sides dont look at the bezels at the bottom. They are thick now moving to the display. The tecno camon 19 pro has a 6.8 inch ips lcd panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2460 pixels.

The fact that the common 18 premiere came with an amoled display and the camon 19 pro comes with an ips lcd panel. Ah, what is going on now why? But before you write off the display of the carbon 19 pro, it has one of the best ips lcd panel. I have ever seen and used its very vibrant and contrasty and too good. I have to triple check because it does look like an amoled panel. The refresh rate of this display is 120 head, and that makes scrolling and switching between apps very fluid. I also like the size of the display. I love how tin and compact this smartphone is, and using this smartphone to consume media is actually good for brightness. I got a reading of 413 nit, which means under direct sunlight. Viewing content on this display will be challenging. You would have to use your other hand to block off the sun. Now the processor inside the carbon 19 pro is the mediatek helio. G96 processor. Its the same processor that came with last test, com18 premiere, so yeah its, not exciting news. The tecnocommon 19 pro 5g, on the other hand, comes with a mediatek dimension atm chipset and my review and comparison video is live on my youtube channel. You can check out those videos after watching this one now back to the carbon 19 pro the mediatek helio g96 processor is a decent mid range chipset, its a 12 nanometer processor and launching applications is fast.

Multitasking is fast and youre not going to experience any slowdown with this smartphone. Also, it comes with 8 gigabytes of ram that can be expanded to 13 gigabyte of ram true memory fusion and that helps in making this smartphone even faster for the antutu benchmark result. It got a score of 354k, which is about the same score as last year: com18 premiere and for gaming. The tecno camon 19 pro comes with the mali g52 gpu its the same gpu with last years, commodity premiere, and when i played pop g, it ran the game at hd, graphics and high frame rates. You can also run the game at smooth, graphics and ultra frame rate. The gameplay was good with no lags, and surprisingly i thought my hand would block the mono speaker while playing, but that didnt happen for call of duty. It played the game at medium, graphics and high frame rate. The gameplay was smooth and also the phone didnt get hot and for gains in impact. It ran the game at low graphics settings. The gameplay was also smooth and totally playable on this smartphone. As a gaming. Smartphone, the technical 19 pro did average. It lacks dual serial speakers which gamers would appreciate, and although it ran the game, well, the graphic settings and the frame rates were averaged for the android operating system. The tecno camo 19 pro is running android 12, with ios version 8.6 for ads. I did get notifications from applications like the phoenix browser and more, but luckily you can always disable those notifications or uninstall those applications.

Now, moving to the cameras, the technology pro has a 32 megapixel front facing camera and in poorly lit conditions, it tends to smoothen the face when theres enough lights, though it does a better job in capturing the image image captured outdoors, look very good. The hdr works and that helps in capturing bright objects like the sky portrait. Shots, looks good on this camera. So right now, im using the 32 megapixel front facing camera of the tecno camon 19 pro it can shoot in 2k 30 frames per second. And what do you guys think about the video and the audio quality coming up from the front facing camera of the smartphone uh, comparing it to the camera? 19 pro 5g, that has a 16 megapixel camera. I think it looks better, but lets wait for my comparison. Video, so that we can compare both of them. Also, this smartphone has the video broker mode, where it blows out the background and just leaves my face in focus. What do you think about this feature? Is this something youre going to use and in this mode it actually shoots in 720p, 30 frames per second. So let me know what you guys think about the video and audio quality using the virtual book mode, hello, brony, now moving to the red cameras, it has a 64 megapixel main camera, a 50 megapixel telephoto camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera the 64 megapixel main Camera takes good, looking pictures, the colors look, vibrant and nice, but the star of the show for me is the 50 megapixel telephoto camera.

It takes amazing, portraits subject: separation is on point and the colors look great. I love this lens guys now the tecno camon 19. Pro has a feature called sky shop and it works only for the red camera and what it does is it changed the way the sky looks. I mean this is the first time im seeing this on a default camera app of a smartphone and guys its so easy to use point to the sky pick the style you want and voila when zoomed in it does a good job in changing the sky and Not affecting the buildings, as you can see, it can even make day look like night. Its an awesome feature now speaking of 19 night mode is all right on this smartphone. In some cases it gets really good results and in others well it doesnt do that. Well but overall, i think its all right, all right, guys, heres a video from the red camera of the tecno camo 19 pro it can shoot in 2k 30 frames per second im using the 64 megapixel main camera. And what do you guys think about the video and audio quality coming up from the main camera of the tecno common 19? Pro all right, so right now, im using the 50 megapixel telephoto lens on the techno combination premiere to record this video. It can shoot in 1080p 30 frames per second no 2k using this camera or that lens. Rather so, what do you guys think about the video on audio quality using the 50 megapixel telephoto camera and the tecno camo 19? Pro now for the battery the techno combo? 19 pro comes with a 5 000 milliamp battery, and the battery life is good.

As for the charging time, though, it took it one hour, thirteen minutes to charge up this smartphone from zero to one hundred percent and thats all right now guys for the price. The technical 19 pro goes for 165, 000, naira or 275 dollars for the 8 gigabyte ram 128 gigabytes internal storage option and for the pros well, the built quality is good, even though it doesnt have corning gorilla glass protection. The display is vibrant and contrasty, but it is an ips lcd panel. Why techno why? The battery life is good on this smartphone. It comes with eight gigabytes of ram that can be expanded to 13 gigabytes of ram, a 64 megapixel main camera that takes good pictures and a 50 megapixel telephoto camera that takes great pictures and for the cons. Well, the processor has to be one of them, its a side grid and not an upgrade, because last years model came with the same processor. I wish it came with an amoled display as well, and the 32 megapixel front facing camera is all right, but it didnt impress me so guys thats my review of the tecno camon 19 pro.