Apple Watch Series 5 review: the best smartwatch

Apple’s new Watch Series 5 starts out so far ahead of the competition that Apple didn’t need to do much. But it did one big thing: add an always-on display. In this review Dieter Bohn gets into all the new features of Apple’s latest smartwatch.

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  1. Would you upgrade for an always-on screen?

  2. Is this durable? I’m thinking on getting one for the health features but in concerned on its durability. I tend to beat watches.

  3. $399 for a smart watch no thanks

  4. What. Like tell time. My watch never needs recharging, and in 30 years or more it will still tell time.

  5. The only thing missing is WATCH GAMES :{

  6. Are cases for series 4 compatible with series 5?

  7. I’m really loving Apple and Samsung’s latest smartwatches

  8. Most of those features are available on the samsung watch plus I can answer my phone on it even if I’ve left the phone at home

  9. What is the size of his apple watch? Is it 40mm or 44mm?

  10. Can the “always on” display be disabled? I prefer the move-to-wake mode.

  11. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a ceramic watch if the new one is just going to come out

  12. Why don’t the verge rewind the Garmin series

  13. I prefer my:
    Patek Philippe

    5216 Grand Complication

    Rose Gold on Strap with Silver Opaline Dial


    5216R 001

    Item ID:39588Model #:5216R 001Case:18KT Rose GoldCase Size:39.5 mmMovement:ManualDial:Silver Opaline DialBracelet:Brown Alligator Leather

  14. samsung galaxy watch active 2 for the win

  15. I just upgraded from my series 1 to a series 5 and I can say this it is a MASSIVE upgrade

  16. They should do solar Apple Watch!

  17. Apple watch – New always on display
    Samsung Galaxy watch – Am I a joke to you?

  18. What size is the watch in your review? Also what band was used? I like it.

  19. Anyone think the price will go down during Black Friday?

  20. What screen protector do you have on your watch if you even used one? I like it without one but want to protect this beautiful screen.

  21. Finally decided to make the jump up from my Apple Watch Series 0 to the Series 5. Seemed to finally justify all the updates.

  22. Typo, purchased the watch for my “WIFE AND I”.

  23. Purchase one for my wide and I three days ago. LOVE THEM!!! We’re still playing with them, trying to figure out all of the features.

  24. $399.00 !! RU out of your mind???

  25. The only question I’ve had about the series 5 is if the message notification in the green bubble changes to 1 if you receive a message while the watch is in 1hz mode. (Not referring to the red dot) I’ve been searching everywhere and can’t find the answer. Anyone with the series 5, if you can test it and let me know please and thank you!!

  26. Here I am with a series 2

  27. Galaxy watch active 2 is on par with Apple watch.

  28. Does it work if I don't own (and don't intend to own) an iphone?

  29. Come on Dieter, haven't you seen Samsung Galaxy Watch with brighter always-on screen with a longer battery-life and a ton of free watch faces for every taste.
    And yes, Galaxy Watch is also fast (snappy).

  30. Unique presentation – he led with the lead. Up voted.

  31. Aaaaw yeah, Mastodon in the house!

  32. Perhaps one of you can help me. Is the screen the same across all models of the series 5? The Apple website mentions that the back is sapphire, but I see no mention of the front.

  33. it is the best because it is the best… very informative – not!

  34. I'd love to see that same sort of enthusiasm on android based devices, a little bit of objectiveness will be appreciated.

  35. I saw other reviews said in terms of the phone call quality and the speaker quality, Apple Watch Series 5 cannot compete with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, which is a lot cheaper.

  36. The worst smart watch in the world.

  37. Small minor changes!!
    Him: You know what it doesn’t matter.

  38. I'm a Android user and apple is killing the smartwatch game

  39. What my issue is, that mostly every upgrade on this watch is something made possible by a software update, apart from the larger screen and a few other small, very small, details, all these updates where and should be possible by software updates

  40. I am an avid viewer for verges Reviews simply because the reviewers are not technical or superlative tech persons which kinda give realistic consumer approached.. However , I am highly displeased with incorrect facts that are stated and the highly rigged biasness that is labeled on product..its a review, not a personal impression. So you dont say stuff like "it's the best product ever" or "nothing beats this product " . Your are expected to relay Facts and statistics thats what review consist of …

  41. no reason to upgrade if u have series 4

  42. It just like watching ad willingly

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