Samsung Galaxy M52 5G full review

Samsung has a wide selection of mid range phones and one of the most feature packed is the galaxy a52s. But this is the galaxy m52 which goes for about the same price whats the difference here, and why should you get one over the other lets find out in our full review Music? The […]

Poco F3 Review in 2022 – Still the Best Value Budget Flagship?

I think that the f3 is still one of the best phones. You can get for the current retail price of about 350 bucks. Yet the device has some shortcomings to consider too that ill go through later in the video first lets start with a pro store, the reasons why the f3 is a […]

X1 Visa Credit Card Review

My name is gillis. The kid and this time were going to be talking about visas, new stainless steel, credit card, its called the x1 and uh back in september of 2020. They were advertising the credit card and then a while, after that, you didnt hear much about it um, but in 2020 they […]

Con RAZER KISHI convierte tu Smartphone en una Consola, Unboxing y Review

Lo que es el logo de race aqu tambin nos da otras especificaciones, no estoy diciendo que es vlido para audrey de 8.0, o superior y tambin nos comenta, algunos telfonos de que son compatibles, con el mando vemos aqu tambin la fotografa del producto, aqu, viene, unas, especificaciones, Multi multilenguaje podemos ver aqu en […]

This smartphone cost me $10 | Unboxing, Review, and Giveaway (2022)

I do. I have no idea. Xgodi lets go the x, gotti x, gotti, mate, 10 plus smartphone. I got this thing from a carrier auction. What is a carrier auction? The way it works? Is companies like fedex ups usps. They have all this stuff that is classified as abandoned freight. It is acquired […]

Review – Blu Studio X9 Android Cell Phone (Unlocked Smartphone)

So unfortunately, it just doesnt work anymore. It doesnt turn on its not really useful anymore. So the other phone that i had handy, my extra phone was actually this called the blue studio x. Sorry, the blue studio x9 theres, another android, cheap, android, uh, sorry, cheap android phone for around um doesnt wan […]

LG V60, LG Velvet, LG Wing Desktop Mode Review – Feel The Power !!!

This is dr tech preacher. So a large population of people with smart phones, dont even use them to the full of his potential. Remember a smartphone is just not a phone to take pictures go on social media watch, videos and texting. A smartphone is a pc in your pocket, so i have a […]

Infinix Hot 11s NFC – Mas Pinabago Mas Pinaganda!

, Well, actually, its not a new phone, its more of a version 2 or improved version. And Im talking about the Infinix Hot 11s NFC.. And I can tell you guys that the improvement is kind of big, especially on the design. Category. Lets go talk about it., introduction, music, So hi, guys, Im […]

Smartphones kรถnnen diese Kamera nie ersetzen.

Deutlich hher da sich das hufig nutze und wenn, ich etwas hufig nutzen samtliche erfahrung und bung macht den meister die fuji x100 v ist eine der schnsten kameras die ich kenne in einer liga mit der hasselblad 1dx oder leica q2 anders als die berwiegende mehrheit der konkurrenz Besteht sie nicht aus plastik sondern […]

5 Game Mobile Racing yang Unik untuk Smartphone

66, KB, five G market, lawas, seperti, outran dan Lotus, Tubuh challenge rasa banget di sini, dari gameplaynya dan background musiknya ag gambar yang, simple dengan, warna warna, vibrant yang dipakai pada Horizon cc; memang terlihat, tidak, realistis, tapi ini, justru, menjadi, daya, tarik, dari game ini, dan terasa, menyenangkan, untuk, dipandang, healing di game, […]