Poco F4 5G Detailed Review – Poco is Back in Form!

A phone that i think is tailor made for the indian buyers now. The first reason why i think that the poco f4 is a great phone is the display experience. The display on this phone is very good. You get the 6.67 inch e4 fhd plus amoled panel, with a 120 hertz refresh rate, […]

POCO F4 vs POCO X4 GT – Unboxing & Impressions! (ft SuperSaf)

No, no. This is my studio, all right. Okay, just doing a bit of a take over here, yeah all right lets check these out youre, not taking a breathing. I cant bear gifts. Okay, so we actually have two brand new phones from the lovely guys over at poco and they also sent a […]

POCO F4 5G Indian Retail Unit Unboxing & First Impressions⚡Fast & Furious 🏎️

And it carries the POCO legacy of providing great specs at a great price.. The POCO F1 was launched in 2018 with the same Balck, Yellow box., Its just POCO F4 on the front. Lets unbox Ill give my first impressions. Hit LIKE SUBSCRIBE. If you enjoy the video. Unboxing, Its all yellow, you get […]

Poco F4 Unboxing & Full Tour | What's New Vs Poco F3 and F4 GT?

But whatever moving on this here, regular poco f4 doesnt serve up the same crazy good performance or the dedicated gaming features of the poko f4 gt model, and it does share a lot of smartphone dna with the old poco f3. But that camera has been upgraded versus the previous gen, where you also […]


No me lembro, um tal de ir, Olha essa marca. A voc vai ver l, eu paguei eu acho que foi r 30 nela com, frete 20 saiu por 50reais mais ou menos, a voc pode utilizar, o smartphone tanto assim na horizontal para voc, assistir aquela, Netflix, n aquele, meu vdeo; no YouTube e […]

Poco X4 GT Unboxing & Tour | Best Budget Gaming Phone?

I recently reviewed the poco x4 pro, which was a pretty solid budget friendly smartphone with some decent specs all around and now weve got the poco x4 gt, which is apparently aimed at anyone who uses their phone, mostly for gaming and entertainment, and to confuse manners. This boasts very different specs to the […]

POCO F4 5G Bangla Review | POCO F4 5G Unboxing Bangla | POCO F4 5G Price in Bangladesh

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Chrome OS Flex NEW Update 104 Review, Changes and Features

So if i go into the settings and show you the version you can see, it is the latest version. It is still on the developer version and we do not see and stable or beta release. Yet in the diagnostic you can see my processor, which is amd ryzen. 5. 2500. Eu. This processor […]

AGM Glory G1S Rugged Smartphone With Thermal Imaging Camera – Review & Unboxing

We will be checking the agm g1s rugged smartphone. It is one of the latest models of rugged smartphones to be released. I got it online from agm and the delivery was pretty fast. The package arrived properly packed, so the product packing is still so nice. Looking lets proceed to check out what is […]

In Another World With My Smartphone (2017) Rant Review

Ah, let me see the next anime review for every month. Duh, sorry, getting your feet, ive been doing episodes back and forth thats. Why so? But anyway, back to the next anime review for enemy month – and i was also curious about – oh – it was also an anime. I was kind […]