Install Aplikasi di Smartphone Baru Huawei: Sulit atau Tetap Mudah?

Google Play Store dan mendapatkan beberapa aplikasi, Google termasuk YouTube, jadi kita tidak perlu repot pakai YouTube, dari Browser nikmati, konten disini, Google Maps, juga tersedia bisa dipakai seperti di smartphone, nya pakai James DJ Smash, ini ya, sementara, Google, trans kalau, kita akses, lewat Browser Bisa, jadi, ada, Fungsinya tidak digunakan seperti untuk upload […]

Sutefoto Smartphone Vlogging Kit Review & Product Testing | Tripod, LED Light, & Microphone Unboxing

You can see here the components of the kit that were going to be opening in just a second. We have a tabletop tripod, a cell phone mount an led video light and more so were going to open it up and see what weve got so first things. First, the assembly actually comes in […]

Top 4 Mẫu Smartphone Giá Rẻ Chiến Game Ngon Dành Cho Học Sinh Sinh Viên

U ra cu hnh ngon, pin tru th, ci, p, chi game mt cho, cc bn la chn, ch, nht, l, hng mi na th, lm g c ng, khng Tuy, nhin, l, quan, nim, c ri, Cn by gi, th chng ta s, n vi, top 4 mu Smartphone gi di 4 triu chi […]

Infinix Hot 11S NFC Detailed REVIEW: Real Competitor To Xiaomi and Realme!

Recently infinix has been releasing very interesting mobile devices. A few weeks ago i bought two new smartphones of this brand, such as infinix hot 11s and infinix hot 11 play. I finally got them, so i am ready to do a full review of this smartphone lets start with infinix hot 11s. You know, […]

5 Best Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphone Review

Once your smartphone is installed and balanced, youre ready to go, the three xs light can effectively eliminate shake from your video. You can now capture shake free video. Wherever you go, the innovative and stable 3 axis stabilization, the 3xs light offers will have you shooting like a pro in no time is the […]

OnePlus 10 Pro Specs Review & Colour Variants – OnePlus Settled to Oppo

We are going to see about the oneplus 10 pro smartphone, so oneplus has recently launched this oneplus 10 pro smartphone in china, and this smartphone will be soon launched in india and global region. Well in this, video lets have a full specs review of this oneplus 10 pro smartphone. So this time the […]

GOOGLE PIXEL FOLD 5G unboxing and review

So what do we know about the google pixel fold or whatever googles foldable ends up being called reliable? Leakers have confirmed that it does exist and we have a japanese model number to back that up recently we learned that itll use samsungs ultra thin glass, just like the galaxy z, flip and z […]

ACEFAST doppelte magnetische KFZ-Smartphone Halterung im Test – Hält er oder fällt er ? REVIEW

Packung was haben wir denn, dann noch, so drin mal schauen da haben wir nochmal eine extra halterung einheit hier die ist glaube, ich fr den lftungsschlitz tja und da kann man, hier drehen und dann verstellt sich dass man kann es dann irgendwie festklemmen und das, ist gedacht Ja, fr so einen lftungsschlitz, ich […]

5 Below Smartphone Vlogging Kit Unboxing.

If youre new to the channel welcome, i hope you enjoyed the content and dont forget to like and subscribe today im going to do an unboxing for you. I am going to unbox a vlogging kit, not an expensive logging kit, but a kit that i found at a place called five below um. […]

Vivo V23 Pro Review | Serious Pixel 5a camera phone rival

So heres my in depth, vivo v23. Pro review and for more on the latest and greatest tech and random appearances by cats, please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so first up ive got to say i love the skinny and light design of the v23 pro. It is impressively thin […]