Oukitel Y1000 REVIEW: Is This Really Rugged Smartphone?

You probably know about this Chinese brand because we often make videos about the new devices from Alcatel as a new smartphone is called Alcatel. Why 1000? You will be surprised, but as this is a rugged film yeah, it doesn’t look like a rugged film, but it is waterproof and dustproof. Also, the film […]

Nokia 2.3 Full Review – The Most Affordable Android One Smartphone?

3, the Andre de la nokia phone with Android one made for those on a tight budget or wonderful, pure Android experience. This phone was launched about a month ago and I got to spend a week with it. What is up guys easy here – and this is my honest review of the nokia […]

Realme X2 Full Review! Best smartphone under Rs 20,000?

Why? I real me probably launched the real me x2 with snap again 730 G processor, at the pressure of 17 thousand rupees right away. I can’t even think of a single device which will offer you exact same specifications at the price, top let’s, say: 20 thousand rupees renomii, K 20 is there, but […]

Honor 9X Unboxing & First Impressions ⚡⚡⚡ Cheapest Pop-up Camera Smartphone? 9X SURPRISE

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फोन के लिए Best Wireless Mic || Saramonic Wireless Mic For Smartphone Review & Unboxing

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Realme X2 Review in Hindi | A good camera smartphone with an upgraded processor

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Shoulderpod G2 Review and Unboxing | iPhone Smartphone Rig

So we see what’s inside this actual box and then afterwards, I’m gon na take a look at the g2 and how I think I could use it in my workflow when I’m doing YouTube, videos and things like that, but before we get started, definitely hit that subscribe. Button, because that does help me […]

Oppo Reno Ace Review – World's Fastest Charging Smartphone!

Is it put in a series, our latest flagship smartphone, so spec wise data internally, third cousin brothers, real mix to pro and one plus 70 Roenick big thick, a identical, but a smartphone elect a unique dick rechange data. All new data smartphone, the Gator gay, a Lada cudoce, the Hotei, oh poor, anyways, […]

Tecno Spark Power Smartphone with 4GB RAM Unboxing & my unbiased Review | Triple Camera

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Ulefone S1 Dual SIM Android Smartphone (Review)

Now the main thing that stands out with this smartphone is that it has a brilliant price tag, something below 50 pound UK currency 4d, simple smartphone, decent size, smartphone build quality is perfect, has few good features and brilliant battery life. Okay, so let me start with what it comes with now. He comes […]