Goede smartphone middenklassers! | Samsung Galaxy A51 & A71 Review

Waar dit is de samsung galaxy, a 51 en de samsung galaxy, a 71 Muziek het wordt steeds moeilijker voor, smartphone makers, om de hoge, prijs van hun beste smartphones de rechtvaardige en deze a51 en a71 dragen daar zeker weten, aan, bij, wat voor de helft van de Prijs van een, loon team, huidige […]

Hisense A5 eInk Smartphone Review

You don’t do the typical swipe up to see your list of apps it’s all located on the final screen. There. You have your widget there, some applications here and on the first page, it actually loads and goes to high smart, and this is where you see screen time, read later news info and […]

OUKITEL WP5 4G Smartphone 8000mAh Battery 5.5 inch 3 Rear Camera Android 9.0 IP68 & IP69 Waterproof Global Version

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Unihertz Titan Review : Android Smartphone with a Blackberry Look and Feel

This is called the unit Hertz Titan and it’s, a very large blackberry, inspired Android phone with a square display and a full keyboard and, if you’re, into full keyboards. This might be something worth looking at. The last phone we looked at from them was called the atom, which was this little tiny, full […]

Umidigi A3X Review & Unboxing | Banggood | The best inexpensive smartphone

You can find the link in the description for up to date, price in real time. Alright let’s get started so, as you can see, humidity a3x is a compact slender phone when compared to the Uintah, jigs or xiaomi and it’s all about holding them in your hands. This is a key comparison. This […]

Are we at Peak Smartphone?

You know, smartphones are all kind of the same. I think we’re at peak smartphone, it seems like every new phone coming out. These days is basically the same as the last one, with some minor tweaks and there’s. No big revolutionary jumps anymore and there’s almost never a good reason to spend a thousand […]

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 Smartphone Gimbal – Review!

This is Kevin here coming at you with a front facing video test from this really awesome gimbal from Zion, so you can use the gimbal with the front facing camera, which is really awesome, so it keeps it very steady and stable. So it’s great for vlogging, if you want a really smooth picture […]

Lenskart Blue Cut Lenses Review (For Smartphone & PC)

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Samsung Galaxy S10e review – Best mid-range smartphone?

10 e, so let’s see what we get when we buy one when it’s come to the screen. So do we here have a 5.8 inch screen that has good call us and brightness. You don’t have that screen that melts over the side, but that has never been one of my favorites. So it’s […]

The $118 smartphone – Xgody Mate30 Review

Have you noticed our mobile phone prices have been increasing, getting higher and higher each year. So what happens when you buy a mobile phone that cost less than one hundred and twenty dollars? Well, luckily, enough I’ve been asked to review the X go team 830, which costs 118 and is a make 30 […]