ULTIMATE Smartphone Filter? – PolarPro Litechaser PRO Review

This system offers a variety of filters, ranging from CP all the way to variable ND filters and with the help of their additional grip, you even can turn your smartphone into a fully fledged video rig. So let me give you a rundown on what PolarPro Litechaser Pro has to offer you. What up […]

Too much, too late? | PolarPro LiteChaser Pro Smartphone Filters Review

Another company is announcing something for smartphone cameras. Today is no exception. We have polar Pro announcing light chaser Pro. So what is light taste of pro light? Chaser Pro is polar pros brand new filter collection built specifically for iPhones, and only for the iPhone 1111 pro max and the 11pro yeah 11, the […]

Samsung Galaxy A71 review

This is the Galaxy a 71 the latest to come out in Samsung’s a series if you’re getting confused by all of these Samsung mid range phones. I wouldn’t blame you, so let’s shine some light on what the a 71 is all about in our four of you, Music. If you’re familiar with Samsung’s […]

Smartphone Gaming Beneran, Review Gaming MOQI i7S Indonesia! Worth It Ga Sih?

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Realme X50 Pro 5G First Look – India's First 5G Smartphone – The Real Performance Package🔥🔥🔥

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What real users think about Xiaomi Mi9 Lite? Pros&Cons smartphone Review/Forum!

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Huawei Y7P Unboxing and Full Review – BUDGET SMARTPHONE NI HUAWEI?

So today in the glossy Huawei nice, some bargain budget phone, which is you wha way, y 7p. So I so are we on y70, on the best for tape, megapixel triple camera smartphone now under 10k pesos, some markets me on so some on your clothing, a nothing else at the unboxing and review […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Unboxing & First Look – The Best Smartphone of 2020???🔥🔥🔥

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Review Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, Si Smartphone Flagship yang Dinanti Mi Fans

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VideoFlow Review | Get VideoFlow and Bonuses | Import videos from smartphone,tablet or video device

I want to do this video for JB’s. You understand how the software works, how it operates and also do a separate video you’ll be able to use on your bonus pages if you want to as well so basically video flow. The reason we created it is: we want to create a really complete […]