Now you may have clicked on the video thinking it might be clickbait, but I can assure you it’s. Not this phone is packing a 10000 milliamp hour battery. It was sent to me for review and, as always, if you’d like to pick it up, you’ll find the link down in the description. So […]

Hisense A5 eink Smartphone Camera Review

This is the camera on the Hisense. You can see that it is fairly laggy to say the least. When you do take a picture, we will show you this. After. In the end of the video, you do get the actual quality of the picture itself. It does not look like well what you’re […]

Realme x50 pro 5g smartphone technical review realme india smartphone

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SAMSUNG A01 REVIEW – The Small but Mighty Smartphone for $92

Samsung is everyone. This is my full review. I’Ve made two other videos on this mobile mighty smartphone. Please check them out if you haven’t done that already now the Samsung, this zero one is priced at start at 3800. Naira. All 92 and at this price point you’re going to think it’s a garbage […]


I Msica Aplausos Msica el samsung galaxy 71, a pesar de presentar unas grandes dimensiones ya; no es el terminal, ms grande de la compaa, ese logro se, lo ha quedado, el recin, estrenado, samsung, galaxy s; 20, ultra pese, a ello las 67 pulgadas del nuevo gama, media De nivel de los coreanos quedan […]

Elephone U3H 4G Smartphone 6.53 inch Unboxing And Review Price

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iQOO 3 Gaming Review | The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone #iQOO3

This is the best smartphone in gaming that we have used so far, and this is the new IQ 3, which has been launched in India, and this is a gaming Beast. We will be talking about this smartphone in details. We will let you know why we felt that this is the ultimate gaming […]

POCO X2 Detailed Camera Review: The new budget smartphone camera king!

. I have over 80 image and video samples in various lighting conditions., So make sure you watch the complete video.. I wanted to include the Gcam samples from the POCO X2 in this video., But even without those samples, this video was getting a lot longer.. So I decided to make a separate video […]

Huawei P40 Lite First Look Review – Great Budget Smartphone 2020!

I could already check out this phone for you guys and today in this video I’ll. Let you know if it’s worth the money or not, but talking about money. We are doing a little challenge today. So guess how much this phone will retail for and write it down below into the comments now […]

Samsung Galaxy A71 Unboxing & Overview | Gaming Smartphone | PUBG | Hands On Review | Indian Unit

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