iQOO 3 5G Snapdragon 865 Smartphone Review ( Price,Lunch Date,Gaming Features #snapdragon865

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OPPO A31 Unboxing and quick review in Hindi | Budget Smartphone

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Yes, oh ll a but first let’s get to know who Allah is let’s, get to know a little bit of background history and origin of Allah. So Allah is a new smartphone contained at home from this table of opera. If you’ve heard of Opie, oh right, oka or cash and all the other […]

REVIEW: Huawei P9 in 2020, Leica Dual Lens Smartphone – Still Worth It?

This was a smartphone released in 2016, making it almost four years old and it’s, a contemporary two devices like the LG g5, and also the original Google pixel – that we also did a throwback review on a few months prior and you guys really seem to like it. So I was curious to […]


A rugged smartphone with military grade protection might be the best option. Ruggedized smartphone models meet military testing standards for protection against shock water dust, extreme temperatures and vibrations. Thus, if you’re in search of one, then we can help with some of the best in the business. Take a look at the description below […]

Realme 5i Review – Best Budget Smartphone?

Back in today’s video, we are checking out another budget friendly device, don’t that I have today. It’S called a real me 5i, and this is a phone that you can buy for about 150 dollars. This is also the global version of this device. So what do we get for that price? Well, first […]

I Used iQOO 3 for 7 Days! *FINAL REVIEW* #MonsterInside

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Samsung S10 Lite Camera Review – Superb Value For Money Smartphone Camera

This samsung has ten light in this video. I want to review the camera performance of this smartphone. I am a photographer, you give me any camera I’ll be very through to play with it. Let’S get started before we go any further. Here are some very important disclaimers. I do not own this particular […]


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Realme C3 Review! – Is this the Best Budget Smartphone in 2020!?

com, where we do unboxings reviews and sexy b rolls and today, i’m. Finally, giving you guys my full review of the new realme c3 smartphone, which actually officially launched today here in the philippines. It packs the world’s first mediatek helio g70 processor and some design elements that break the norm of modern, shiny, […]