Samsung Galaxy A90 5G – The Most Affordable 5G Smartphone from Samsung

Big thanks to Qualcomm for partnering with me in this video.. It is, of course the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. Lets. Go ahead and get it unboxed and see what it has offer.. So on the box we have a picture of the A90 5G and at the back we have some of the key […]

Pixel 4 XL Review – The Most Underrated Smartphone of 2019!

The pixel 4 was probably one of the most leaked phones and smartphone history. Even Google leaking headed itself, which I actually thought was pretty cool, and even though we knew pretty much everything about this phone before it was released, I feel like it’s, still probably one of the most hated on phones this […]

Realme 5s review: best smartphone under Rs. 10,000? | comparison with Redmi Note 8

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vivo U20 | Specificational Review In Bangla | SD 675 | 5000mAh | โšกโšก Best Budget Smartphone??

What about Zealand? People you to engineer people you to initially could we do down to go to a park or say a domino Cunha Brent? Actually, at the Darren Cachola D Tapani J garnish, I could see a smartphone that the people volume and a cell hot possibility really the other positive mood, the […]

My iPhone11 Vlog setup: Smallrig Smartphone Video Rig CPU2391 Review

So recently I have been using and implementing a lot to use my phone in my videos, so let’s see if I am showing my perspective or showing backside of the camera screen, then it’s just a bit too much to carry another camera just to show backside of The screen, especially if you are […]

Redmi Note 8 Pro Review with Pros & Cons Best Mid Range Smartphone?

Do the full review of this redmi note 2 heat probe, and I know guys. I took my time with this one. The reason is that when I initially got this device, I had some touch issues, but with the first update that was completely gone, but I just wanted to wait again. So even […]

Xiaomi Qin 2 Smartphone Unboxing and Review

The show me chin too so it’s not Queen Qi and spells chin in Chinese. So we can spend a CH. I am to be exact okay, so this is like I told you it’s a Kickstarter project which I back in the shall be open platform. So I got my for my contribution. They […]

OLAF Quick Charger QC 3.0 3-port USB Fast Charging Adapter for Xiaomi mi note 10 Huawei Samsung

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OLAF LED Type C Micro USB Fast Charge For Xiaomi iPhone Samsung Mobile Phone Magnetic Charger Cord

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The Every Camera Smartphone

You thought it was the Meno. 10 bang, bang. Now people. This is a different price point. Of course it comes from Xiaomi. This starts at five hundred and fifty bucks. So why don’t? We do it, oh by the way, this one midnight black 128gb of storage and six gigs of RAM up to […]