TCL Plex Smartphone Review – Quite the debut

Now the phone is finally in our hands for thorough testing. Now you may know that TCL is world’s, second biggest TV manufacturer. So what is the TV manufacturer doing in a smartphone world? Well, according to the company, they want to offer products in all categories that rely on the display technology and integrate […]

The best midrange phones to get in the end of 2019 – Our buyer's guide

So with that there’s, a lot of sales and it’s generally a good time to get a phone. However, not everybody can afford a lofty flagship and today we’re, focusing on value aka, the mid range. The mid range is really competitive and the differences between phones at 200, 250 and 300 euro are significant. […]

Realme 5s Review – Best Smartphone Under Rs. 10,000?

5S. Now this phone is a minor refresh of the real me five, with the major new changes being this brand new red color. We have a promise of a slightly better battery life and a new 48 megapixel primary camera. Now this gives real me a smartphone that’s equipped to take on the current […]

Huawei Band 4 Review | How to Setup Huawei Band 4 With Smartphone

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Fairphone 3 Review: Unboxing the Sustainable Smartphone

. Now this includes responsible material sourcing advocating for workers’ welfare, producing longer lasting products and reducing waste. I mean even the packaging here you can see has been packaged from responsible sources. I don’t know if you can see that there and vegetable oil ink has been used., So this is a truly fantastic […]

Smartphone Gimbal – FeiyuTech Vlog Pocket Review

Now, it’s it’s a little chilly out here, I’m gon na go back inside. So once the dog comes in I’m gon na go pick up my office a little bit my office is so messy. I recently rearranged. It was messy to begin with, but we need to do something about it before we […]

Escobar Fold 1 is a Folding Smartphone for GANGSTERS!

You can check out their deals at Direct Mobile’s Kovach. Okay, so welcome to be tagged. You know. If you follow tech, then you might have heard of a company called Escobar Inc Island by the brother of the notorious drug dealer, Pablo Escobar they pop in and out of the news every so often […]

Sony Xperia 5 Review: 2019’s Best Sleeper Smartphone?

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Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite Greek Review | Το καλύτερο low budget smartphone (;)

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XIAOMI MI 9 LITE – Incredible Budget Smartphone Review

So what we normally cover flagships on this channel today, we’re looking at a more budget device and an incredible one at that, the Xiaomi mi 9 lite global version is currently priced at 248 pounds or 296 dollars and it’s an incredible phone for the money. Well, we don’t have flagship everything in this […]