¿MEJOR QUE SAMSUNG? Vivo X80 Pro Review

Pro miguel que ya estuvimos comentando que podra ser uno de los telfonos revelacin podra ser uno de los mejores telfonos de gama, altsima del ao 2022 incluso el mejor, mvil fotogrfico se lleva es lo que te iba a decir digo vamos un paso, ms all ya. No slo uno, los mejores telfonos en […]

Super Smartphone Ch.2 (Comic Review)

The the phone even says like i dont, want to die. I dont want to die cue. I dont want to die. However, it is implied that there is something of a competition where, as soon as he gets around, like 1 250 points worth of questions, q will have permanent ownership of the super […]

EDGE 30: CELULAR 5G MAIS FINO do MUNDO tem BONS AVANÇOS em EVOLUÇÃO discreta | Análise / Review

Brilhante nos cantos e fosco na maior, rea o bloco de cmera, foi reformulado, o Seguindo, a linha mais atual do Design adotado pela Motorola e tambm diz Todo, o acabamento fosco da traseira por ento obviamente que eu fica localizado na tela em posio um pouco baixa Mas Responde bem quando voc, acerta, o […]

DOOGEE V20 5G Rugged Smartphone Review, you can't take your eyes off it…Watch Now…

43 mold, fhd, plus dot display and mini rear display the 2gb 20 rugged smartphone is equipped with 6.43 a mold display with 2k resolution power, efficiency and great contrast. It will bring you the new visual experience. It is armed with a 1.05 inch rear, mini display is convenient to display the time in […]

Motorola MOTO G22 review en español

Lo cual esto nos indica que vamos a tener cargador abrimos la caja y lo primero que encontramos es el telfono el motogp 22 un telfono que grandecito y que tiene un diseo que en mi opinin es muy bonito luego lo veremos con ms detalle todas sus caractersticas Seguimos con el contenido todos los […]

இதுதான் இந்தியாவின் 5G ரெடி போன் | Vivo X80 Full Review in Tamil

So on the price cameras, so other pictures have been testing like 89 percent today, the third place under the first place, the third place so 5g tested so 5g ready device number discussion, 32 foreign longer charge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eYv6vnWaMI

Moto Edge 30 *Review* After 30 Days!

I know i know i know you guys have been asking for this review for a long time and we took our time to review this. I used it as a primary device for 30 days, so i can have a practical review for you, the details, the goods, the bats. You would notice, while […]

iPhone XR In Mid 2022! (Review)

I cannot get enough of this device and lets see how it holds up in the middle part of 2022.. Now ive talked about this phone a lot and even stemming from earlier on this year. A few things have changed, but its not looking like this iphone is at its end of life. When […]

Der neue 1300€ Kamera-König? – Vivo X80 Pro Unboxing (Deutsch) | SwagTab

Pro endlich zu uns nach europa das highlight ist ganz klar die kamera die in zusammenarbeit mit zeiss entstanden ist, aber auch ansonsten hat dieses smartphone eigentlich alles was man sich, so wnschen knnte ein superhoch wrdiges und auch sehr interessant ist die seien natrlich ein amoled display den Snapdragon agent, one mit einem kasten, […]

realme C30 Full Review – All Good Just One Problem !!!

the train is approaching. To give a brief introduction, I had completed the jugaad., see what method we had to use. I had to put foil and stone. now The phone got skewed when the track was moving.. Here you do not find any case in the phones box.. Also, there is no screen protector.. […]