11 Board Game Reviews in 11 Minutes including Smartphone Inc and The Red Cathedral

Where i go through all the different games ive played in the past two weeks with friends, family and even solo. Today, im going to be talking about 11 different games, i played 15 different ones were talking about 11 of them, four of them. I play. I talked about on previous r r, so […]


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Redmi 10 Review: 159€ fΓΌr ein 90Hz Smartphone mit Helio G88? Wo ist der Haken :D – Moschuss

Ich wrde jedem empfehlen die 128 eher zunehmen weil die preisaktion, hier durchaus angemessen erscheinen wir bekommen einen 90 hatten den preisbereich ist das war, 120 muss nicht unbedingt sein und 90, ist bereits, so dass das, auge, dank eigentlich kaum noch den unterschied wirklich wahrnehmen kann zwischen den 1920 auer man, macht das, dann […]

S30U PLUS Budget Android Dualsim Smartphone (Review)

You can purchase one of this for less than 50 pound uk currency. It doesnt have any brand to this smartphone, however, theres a model, a number which is s30u plus its a dual sim android smartphone. Now this smartphone has decent features for a budget priced android, smartphone, but theres. A lot of things […]

Android 12 review | Android in een nieuw jasje | SmartphoneMan

Als je een budget toestellen hebt dan zou het zomaar, kunnen, zijn dat, je nog tot april of mei moet wachten dat is natuurlijk wel jammer voor, het eerst in jaren is het design van android op de schop gegaan sinds de android 5 hebben. We all material design, nou nu, is daar soort evolutie […]

emporia SMART.5 Smartphone Review

This was very kindly sent into me free of charge by the manufacturer, no manage exchange hands. They havent asked me to say anything in particular im just going to share with you my experience of using this over the past few weeks, so lets get on with the review. As i mentioned earlier, this […]

Unboxing Video – India's Cheapest Smartphone | Inifix Hot Play 10 | Review | J for joker

Foreign Music internal memory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmL74Wg06D8


Se vinieron cortadas, o sea cuando, google, para y lo compras ellos mismos y en el negocio te lo abren para que venga lo que trae adentro y todo as que las bajas se venan cortadas Msica que tenemos un telfono gama media sera 32 megapxeles de cmara, 24 Ciudad de rom precio de ram […]

Honor 50 review

This is good news for a lot of people in western markets, but does the honor 50 pack enough punch to be competitive and will for gsm, marina and lets find out in our full review Music? The honor 50 has a lightweight glass design with plenty of curves. The circular camera rings are an […]

SabineTek SmartMike+ Review | Bluetooth Microphone for your Smart Phone

If youre new to the channel im kendrick foster, i do unboxings and reviews of all the latest tech. So if you like, that type of content hit that like and that subscribe button, so first of all, i want to thank sabine tech for sending this out for review. We have the sabine tech, […]