Samsung Galaxy A52 vs. A52 5G vs. A72 – Die wichtigsten Unterschiede & Kaufberatung (Deutsch)

Linie um die wichtigsten unterschiede, geht, sagt ja, auch schon der titel und die, frage welches gert, fr wen besser, geeignet ist also klassische kaufberatung, ich glaube das macht hier tatschlich auch am meisten. Sinn denn die drei gerte sind sie wirklich extrem hnlich noch hnlicher als die vorgnger, waren und vorgnger ist auch schon […]

GALAXY A02s: CELULAR BÁSICO da Samsung BOM para JOGAR com ÓTIMA BATERIA | Análise / Review

. In 2020, we analyzed the Galaxy A01, a device so disappointing that we even made fun of its name. Now we have the A02S in hand, which would be the turbocharged version of its successor.. Does this basic phone erase the bad reputation of the Korean brand in the entry level segment, Let’s check […]


I am really excited to announce that we have crossed 3 000 subscribers and we are still moving forward, but i have a special video today. This is samsung a52 budget smartphone. You can pick up this phone on amazon for 365. What this phone gives you for the price samsung really does a hell […]

Sony Xperia 1 III | Impressive Camera & Gaming Upgrade

Now we don’t know the official uk pricing of the sony xperia 1 mark 3 just yet and sony mobile has been pretty cagey on the whole release. Date aspect as well, which is in a massive shock. Limiting themselves to early summer as a sort of general hazy guess so, while i haven’t had […]

OnePlus 9 Pro Review: taking on the Ultras

As always, oneplus has been a leader in the hardware space when it comes to smartphones, with bleeding edge technology at an affordable price, but that last bit of the statement has been less and less apparent over the last couple years, especially among its devices featuring the term. Pro after their name so here’s, […]

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra dbrand Grip Case DROP TEST & REVIEW!

This is the grip case by dbrand. Look at how cool that looks, but before we take a closer look at this case, you already know how we do it here on the channel when it comes to protective cases like this one right here, because i’ll tell you, this thing feels solid, but you […]

BARATO! POCO M3: Celular de 6000mAh por apenas R$1200, vale a pena? – Review/análise

At 2, dias autonomia sem a necessidade de espetar, no carregador a aparncia fsica do Palco MP3 realmente incrvel eu gostei, demais dessa, tampa traseira estilizada com, uma textura, que d um ar muito Premium. A este, aparelho, arrisca dizer que ele mais bonito do que o pouco X3 que o seu parente mais prximo […]

POCO X3 Pro Review in Telugu : Best Mobile Under 20K ?

So a phone presenter market launch Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign Music and then the bottom record. Real video recording front and back camera uses okay, video record Music.

OnePlus Watch review: Get a Fitbit instead

With nothing of me, the one punch, glicol v, Futsal, gn, cha, gii, mn, first or stored on the Front page, is not only because the water sufuric ai thch, mauritius, tidus Yuna, One side, the People. Now I understand that One Person, My Heart, Will Keep you love and present perfect simple and I […]

MIDRANGE RASA FLAGSHIP! Review Samsung Galaxy A72

ui 3.1 berbasis Android, Eleven Yang, clear dan buat, multitasking ini, Menurut aku lancar banget, guys bahkan untuk experience, multitasking nya experience dealing, ini, emang, enggak, kaya smartphone, with Trans Kalau, aku pakai, buat, nonton, YouTube, terus, main game; pun, layani, tuh, masih, nyaman, dan luas, ya, ditambah, nulisnya, kan kecil, Emang, bikin, tuh, kelihatan, […]