Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro Gaming Smartphone – Better Option than its Non Pro Counterpart?

I mean it’s, really, probably the beast from this series. Having a snapdragon 88 come on let’s unbox, it Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so hi guys it’s me richmond of gadget sidekick. So i have here and we just unboxed the black shark 4 pro. So we can see it’s a little bit […]

Desain smartphone tersilau, favorit anak muda! – Review realme 8 Indonesia

Inci ini mencapai, resolusi fullhd dan samping ratenya, hingga 180an untuk daya, tangkap, yang lebih, baik, saat, bermain game nah, terus, buat, kalian, yang hobi, keluar, siang siang, my remix juga memberikan mode sinar, matahari, hingga 1000; next untuk memastikan, layarnya ini, bisa, kalian, lihat, ya, di dalam, kondisi Sinar matahari gitu nah terus layar […]

POCO X3 PRO Review ⚡️ Snapdragon 860, 120Hz Screen, Quad Camera and More

This is the brand new poco x3 pro guys. I totally understand why this wait hold up this way up. I totally understand why the poker brand is so so popular with you guys, because it’s what poco does best combining incredible specs with the value proposition and that’s. Certainly the case, at least with […]

unboxing review – Smartphone LG K22

0 wi fi 802.11 Bm, a frequncia desse aparelho 3G e GSM t galera resoluo do visor display Pixel HD 20 por 9 tipo de chip, nanosim bateria uma, piora, 3.000 cmera, frontal traseira, t galera. A resoluo da cmera traseira dupla 3mp 2 MP resoluo da cmera frontal 5mp tenso da voltagem bivolt garantia […]

OnePlus Watch Review: You Get What You Pay For

, But seven years after it first hit the scene that defiant and slightly edgy tagline is still with us on OnePlus phones and Now, on its first smart watch as well., And what makes invoking it so irresistible is how often it illuminates just how much settling the OnePlus of today is prepared to […]

Motorola Atrix 4G, 10 Years Later: Retro Review!

The first dual core tegra 2 processor, the first fingerprint sensor on an android phone, the first phone that could transform into a laptop at the drop of a hat. And on a more personal note, one of my first android phones see the atrix came out when i was a junior in high school […]

OPPO Reno5 Z Unboxing & Full Review | OPPO Reno5 Z 5G Smartphone

Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Yob_NE193E

OnePlus Watch REVIEW, ¿EL MEJOR RELOJ por 150€?

Das que lo tenemos con nosotros hoy vamos, a contarte lo bueno y lo malo, nuestras sensaciones del nuevo relojito del fabricante Msica bueno pues aqu, lo tenemos y vamos, a comenzar ya os digo que hace bastantes das que lo estamos creando que estamos probando este dispositivo un Montn de hyde, la verdad que […]

OUKITEL C22 Unlocked Smartphone,4G Dual SIM Unlock Cell Phone Review, Such an awesome phone for the

Don’T buy a case because it actually comes with it. Unless you want to find one, i accidentally bought a black version of this on another site, because i couldn’t really find what i liked on amazon. But in either case when i opened the package i started laughing because i i was like i […]

The World's Largest Smartphone Camera!

So you might have seen that i posted a picture of this phone on twitter and i asked just: would you rock a phone like this, and the answers were mostly two things. One uh no just make the rest of the phone thicker to match the thickness of the camera bump just add some […]