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VIVO V23 Unboxing Assamese | Vivo V23 Review | Best 5G phone under 30000 | #wanderlust dip #Assam

. That processor was a 2.5 gigahertz mediatek diamond city, 920 octa core processor, a pro version of 1200 processor dsm and a diamond city 1200 token model 12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a6qop0dFD4

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RAM ẢO trên smartphone Android: HIỆU QUẢ hay chỉ là MARKETING?

I mt ln na v do gn y th mnh c thy mt vi cc: ngi hng, dn trn, mng cng, cn ni li vi; cng vic l, sau, ti thm RAM au thm, RAM, tng, thm, ra, mnh c chung, l, cu, danh, t? U y m ci Dung lng lm c cao ln, […]

Smartphone MẠNH NHẤT VŨ TRỤ, 1000 năm nữa VẪN VÔ ĐỐI!

I con ny nh mt l, n c Sn ln ri v, hai n c th bin ln c thm, sc mnh ging, kiu super sayan na cn chi tit v cc bin thnh n ra, sao th y mnh m hp, ng qun li 1, like 1 sub Nha m nhc c c mu, […]

Yezdi Scrambler in-depth Review I what's make special than other Scramblers in India..? I In Telugu

Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybUzQ8H3zgA

Redmi 7 Unboxing and Review 😯 Budget smartphone

Welcome to tech, exploring in this video. We are providing you the unboxing video of redmi 7, and we are also going to discuss about its features so now lets explore it Music. I brought this mobile from amazon during the great indian sale. Now lets unbox it Music on the box. We can see […]

Moza Nano SE Extendable Smartphone Selfie Gimbal Is It Any Good??? TodayIFeelLike TIFL

Welcome back to today, i feel, like today were going to take a look at the moza nano sc. This is an extendable, smartphone, gimbal and yeah im kind of curious to see how this works, because i have a smartphone that i think is going to be particularly well suited for this gimbal, so […]

iPhone 12 in 2022 – worth buying? (Review)

The 12 was the successor to the iphone 11, but brought the experience on the more budget phone. A lot closer to the pro experience with the vibrant gorgeous oled and just generally more sleek design. We also got the iphone 12 mini. The smallest phone apple had made since the iphone sc in 2016., […]

S20 FE 5G in 2022? Long Term Review!

Now you might have already watched unboxing videos and detailed reviews of it, because it is not a new phone by any means, but it is still praised a lot by the tech community. In fact, ive been using this phone for the past four months now so i know this phone in and out. […]