Google Pixel 6 Pro dBrand Grip Case Review!

So, of course, a huge shots, always dbrand for looking out for your boy, always making sure i get one of my favorite cases for any new device that comes out so lets go ahead, open it up, and this is aka for dramatic effect, as i always said, Because i have been using this […]

The PERFECT mid-range? Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G review!

We reviewed the galaxy a72, which we said it was really near perfect and then theres also the galaxy a52. Now the galaxy a52 is available in two different variants. We have the galaxy a52, which we have reviewed earlier and then theres also the galaxy a52 5g, which essentially is an enhanced version of […]

Google Pixel 6 Review | Should you go Pro?

Now i got ta admit i am still rather gutted that the pixel 6 is a bigger heavier handset compared with last years flagship phone. This 6.4 inch, google blower, weighs 207 grams and youll certainly feel it when its stashed in your pocket, but sizing aside, i do really like what google has done […]

Hyperintelligent: Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro Review nach zwei Wochen!

Google listen smartphones, aller zeit mit eigenem prozessor android 12 und eine bedeutend bessere kamera zum vorgnger was man, alles machen kann wenn man, ein smartphone, vertikal, integriert, das, gibt, es hier, im, video viel, spa, Musik ja, mein leute, hinter, mir, seht ihr, schon, hier, das, google, pixel 6 und das, google pixel 6 […]

AirPods (3rd Generation) Unboxing and REVIEW

Third generation airpods, okay, lets get right to it. Here we go: okay, heres the box for the apple airpods third generation airpods, with a magsafe charging case. Okay, does anyone ever read this stuff? Also inside the box? Your cable, so its usbc, two lightning cable, but no charging adapter. So you have to […]

Google Pixel 6 Pro Review

Well, you know this is like the consumer fantasy. What if they lower the price while giving you much better specs thats. Actually, whats happened this time with this pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro. Now we have the big one, which is the pixel 6 pro, but quite similar and ill talk about […]

Sony Xperia Pro-I vs iPhone 13 Pro CAMERA Review!

. It also has a 16 and 50 millimeter lens, but theyre still working on the software for those so well review. Those later i am going to test it out, but first im going to show you all the cool design elements notice, that it has an attachment point for a hand strap. So […]

Sony Xperia PRO-I 💥 Smartphone Review

0 type image sensor, with phase detection, autofocus bringing industry leading imaging technology to sonys advanced smartphone xperia pro i is developed with the same advanced imaging technology from sonys award, winning mirrorless alpha brand cameras and Is the worlds first smartphone to include a 1.0 type sensor with phase detection afi? The newest smartphone […]

Sony Xperia Pro-I Unboxing and REVIEW – The 1" Sensor Camera Smartphone!

They previously just had the xperia one. Three, of course, the one two it seems that a lot of smartphone companies are using that pro name in their naming schemes. Weve even got apple going beyond pro, and i guess max is the top of their food chain, but anyways lets get inside ive actually […]

Xiaomi POCO F3 NFC 5G Smartphone || Unboxing und Review

Technischen daten euch erzhlen und da wird auch zum schluss mein fazit dazu, geben bleibt, also unbedingt mit der wert zum po f3 smartphone von schaum ihr wissen wollt und da wrde, ich sagen sie uns auch gleich wieder nach dem intro Musik Applaus, Musik, willkommen, sollte, wehrtechnik, vor Der wm schon vor dem tor […]