Why Does Everyone Like This Smartphone Gimbal? Hohem iSteady X2 REVIEW

Now we have the next generation of this gimbal and it is called i steady x2. It has the same: affordable price, only 69 dollars, but there are some new features, such as ice, steady, 4.0 and a shake algorithm system. Wireless remote control, three axis stabilization, page tracking and others lets do unboxing and […]

Review of Vivitar Smartphone Selfiie Camera Shutter

I have a new text and guides for you and i im gon na review this. So this is a wireless remote, a wireless smartphone, selfie remote. So this is the brightest vivitar and its a pound. So my sister gave me this when she arrived here in philippines from london, england. So this is […]

Review Budget Wireless Microphone Buat Smartphone – 7Ryms Rimomic Lite UC

Ada support real time, monitor for bocrp, PC and Mac Oke, the intuitive visual power dan volume, Erna adjustable volume, brush meeting function, Oke bisa di mute, dengan, simpel, ya, dengan, quick, terus, ada, auto paint, Oke ini, yang bilang, tinggal, plug n play terus, efficient and Convention Oke Convention lu built in rechargeable lithium […]

Sony Xperia PRO-I Field Review | A Day of Photography in Tokyo

My name is koki and today were going to be going out for a day of photography and videos on the xperia pro. I and im super excited because i dont have to carry my usual heavy gear load and just carry this phone as well as for your accessories, and this whole entire video […]

Best smartphone of the year Reviews| SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra| Google Pixel 6| Sony Xperia 1 iii

First number is galaxy s, its our best design, mobile phone. You can use this smartphone anytime and its a best design, Music, cellphone and its color is phantom black. Its awesome Music is revolution. You can see. This is the very latest smartphone Music and its 5g enable and when you purchase it from […]

iSTEADY V2 Ai Smartphone Gimbal – Cool was der kann – TEST REVIEW

Tgv 2 von hohem hier liegt da schon zusammen mit seinem vorgnger de maistre die den habe. Ich euch bereits in einem video gezeigt und alles was ich jetzt hier erzhlen kann ist im prinzip dasselbe wie zu diesem gimbel deswegen schaut euch gerne das, video dazu, an aber der ice der die v2 sieht […]

Spy On Smartphone – All Truth About Spy Apps For Android

That has a messages tracker, all the things all the features. I want to highlight in this short video dont want to waste your time, so were going to jump straight to business, and i want to show you everything about this incredible tool. Uh that i discovered uh online and i havent seen more […]

Langka! HP Baru Cuma 1 Jutaan Terlalu Mirip Dengan Iphone Keluaran Terbaru 😱 Unboxing & Review

The Faiza main itu terintegrasi atau sinchon dibuka unitnya kita angkat box, bagian Kya urapi, banget, nih, masih, ditutup, slim gitu, lengket, banget, ya, Nah, penataan, boxnya, aja, Rapi, banget, meskipun, Smartphone, Ini, tergolong, smartphone, murah, kita, lihat, isi, dari box, kecil, ini, apa, aja, ada, kartu, garansi, ini, Tapi ada beda beda, bahasa ya, […]

Redmi Note 11 Pro Review: Get This! Skip The Pro Plus!

I do have here a very interesting device, and that is the redmi note. 11 pro now bear in mind that this is the non plus model which i actually reviewed about two weeks ago. This is just the standard pro model and there is actually quite a lot to love about this device right […]

APA SMARTPHONE LOE!? Feat @DHIARCOM , @Jagat Review , @Wisnu Kumoro & Debby Permata

Ami hihihi hahaha baik baik banget pertanyaannya pak, bapak, ke, sini, ke, kota ini, pakai, HP, apa Pak, pakai, pesawat kesininya Iya ke sini, pakai, pesawat, rezeki, HP driver nya, apa Oppo, Find x, 3, bro, Apa, alasan, pilih HP, itu sebagai, deliver itu pakai, prosesor paling kenceng saat Ini, Oh iya, ya, Oh iya, […]