Realme 8 5G review 2021. Detail by detail. #smartphones #android #android phones #2021 #realme #5G

Pro links in the description below dont forget to like and subscribe to my channel for more reviews. Okay lets get started network technology, gsm hspa, lte, 5g speed, hspa 42.2 5.76 megabits per second ltea 5g 1 launch announced 2021 april 21st status available release 2021 april 28th, 2. body dimensions 162.5 by 74.8 […]

The World's Smallest Smartphone Gimbal | PowerVision S1 Test & Review For Mobile Filmmakers

It claims to be multiple products, all in one, a three axis: smartphone gimbal, a wireless phone charger, a tripod that also claims to have ai facial recognition and body tracking technology. But can it, though, can it really do all that lets find out its coming up? Hey everyone steve here from learn online, […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S Android Smartphone (Review)

You can purchase one of this for less than 200 pound uk currency and it has tons of features packed into it, theres. A reason why i would highly recommend this ill go through all the features that he has and it stands out compared to all these other budget price smartphones within that price […]

Galaxy Z Flip 5G Long Term Review: 1 Year Later!

I dont want to say one year review because i mean if yall followed my videos for the last year. You knew that i used to have a mystic gray and now ive got this mystics bronze guy mystic bronze. So i had it like 10 months. I got mine on launch day. The problem […]

⚡️ Kualitas Flagship Harga Irit! Review Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Snapdragon 865!)

nw, juga, bikin, smartphone, nya, terlihat, VOC, Ya terus di belakang, ini, punya, amit, finish: dengan pilihan, warna warna yang, flash mudah gua dan juga dipakai di smartphone, smartphone, mainstream dan dia juga udah tanah air dengan, sertifikasi ip67 8 artinya udah teruji mampu bertahan di kedalaman, satu setengah meter, selama 30 menit untuk, performa, […]


Okay, so title infinix note: 10 pro this is the infinix smartphone that i really think you should be buying okay, smartphones from infinix now worth it. But this phone cassette has some interesting specifications for a very low price point: katuladnang media tech, leo g90 processor, 8, gig of yam 6.95 inch of full […]


Mc2 serta memiliki memori RAM 464 Giga Byte untuk varian termurahnya lanjut di bagian, kamera smartphone, Xiaomi, pokopon M3 profile image, menggunakan setup, kamera 48 megapixel kamera, Utama, 2 megapiksel kamera, makro, 2 megapiksel Dave sensor, serta ada, satu kamera, selfie, beresolusi, 8 megapiksel masuk, ke, bagian, baterai, smartphone, Xiaomi pokopon M3 profesi menggunakan kapasitas, […]

Rugged Smartphone Ulefone Armor 13 Buy at Banggood

Then ulefone offers a fantastic choice. Now, on the surface, its pretty well presented and its time to pick the phone out and my first impression is wow. This phone is hefty and very massive, but the screen is relatively standard in size and measures only 6.81 inches. The screen type is full hd with […]

SIKATT!! 5 Smartphone SAMSUNG Paling Worth It Buat Dibeli

1 buat performa, Smartphone Ini, udah, cukup, Okelah, buat, dikelasnya, chipset, exynos, 8, 50, Ini, juga, udah, Mampu menjalankan berbagai aktivitas, misal, kayak, buat, chatingan, main sosmed, nonton, film, sampai, main game game yang enggak, terlalu, berat, misal, kayak, mobile Legends, atau, papzi mobile buat, baterainya ini, sendiri, juga, udah, terbilang, cukup, gede, yaitu, 5000mh, […]

Realme Watch 2 Pro Review: The Real Deal!

It comes with a bright and colorful display. It comes with a long, lasting battery life. It has a built in gps. Basically, with this watch, realme has their sights set on the sub 5000 rupees. Smart watch price segment, but is this watch the real deal lets find out hello, everyone amania from mr […]