Review Xiaomi Redmi 1s di tahun 2021, Smartphone legend dari Redmi, masih ngegigit?

tv, ya di channel ini, kita, akan, membahas, seputar, teknologi, khususnya, smartphone, dan sejenisnya ya, teman, teman, oke, deh, Untuk, video Perdana di channel ini, kita, akan, melirik, ke, salah satu smartphone, yang sudah, berumur kurang, lebih, tujuh tahun di teman, teman yaitu Ini dia Xiaomi Redmi 1S anak pertama dari sang legend, si Redmi […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review: The Next Big Thing Is Already Here!

I mean it doesnt get any better than this, so the galaxy z43 features an improved and durable design top of the line. Hardware, s, pen, support and ipx8 rating. It has a freaking under display camera, of course, for all the goodness theres a price to pay as well and a hefty one with […]

Cubot X50 unboxing & Review. The affordable flagship for 2021

My name is bruno otis and today we are going to do the unboxing and review for cobot x50, so without further delay. Lets get it on so lets start with a quick unboxing. Kubota x50 is cool, whats flagship smartphone for this year, its a decent hardware update from kuvotex 30 from last year. […]

(YouTube Kacke Moschuss) Meizu 18 Pro Test & Review: Das schlechteste Smartphone 2021? Für mich JA😿

4, ist in einer branche untergebracht ist auch schon beim vorgngermodell war, bei vorgnger, modell war, es bereits die, ich wei die, kleinste band, schon am markt, die hauptkamera, ist eine, samsung gn1 Eine 5 megapixel kamera mit 19 am ende dann eine ultra weitwinkel kamera von sony die mit 2 megapixel auflst und 2.2 […]

Realme GT Master Edition Review!

Last week i came up with a review of the standard realme gt, where i had said that realme needed to kill off its xcds and bring something new to reignite, excitement for the companys premium segment and moving forward. I think the gt series is an incredibly positive step. If youre not aware the […]

The Most Powerful Smartphone Ever.

A few months later, they released the red magic mars, the first phone ever with shoulder triggers in 2019. They released the red magic 3 and 3s, which were the first phones to pack an actual cooling fan into a smartphone in 2020. They brought us the worlds. First. 144Hz refresh rate smartphone display with […]

10 smartphone CŨ, UY TÍN, NHIỀU HÀNG dưới 5 TRIỆU học ONLINE, giải trí, chơi game vô tư!

In thoi l, sp c trng, tm c tt, nht trong, tm gi di 5, triu cc bn, hc, sinh, sinh, vin Bo him mua v, phc v, cho vic, hc, v, chi trong, cc bn quay, tr li vi, lp m nhc, video trc, th, mnh, gii, thiu, Vi cc bn nh ci, my […]

POCO|| M3|| Best Feature smartphone|| Budget Low Price|| 2021|| Unboxing|| Reviews||

We have some a fluorescent, blue, a fluorescent, yellow and a metallic black, and you can see the top of the box as well. It has the signature poco colors, which is pretty nice, now lets. Look at the first thing we have right here. These are actually some stencils that you can use with […]

So close to being great.. // TCL 20S review

This phone comes in at a wallet friendly 250, so its very similar to tcls tvs, but is it a good value? Lets talk about it alright, so lets start off with the thing that most people want to know about budget phones. Is it slow and the simple answer to that is no, but […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 – My Review after 2 weeks!

I want to talk about my experience with the samsung galaxy z, flip 3 or, as i like to call it the flippity flip. But before we get into all of it lets go back in time a little bit to my day, one with this device. You already know how excited i am for […]