Mon smartphone géant 6,95", Helio G80, 5200mAh, 64MP EIS en Mode Love avec le Infinix Note 8

Allez voir que cest plutt une bonne chose allez commenons, tout de suite par contenu de la bote dans la bote en aura bientt un autre tlphone a cest pas mal on aura galement une petite coque en silicone qui sadaptent pas super gnial menfin, bon allez gratuite on Aura un film protecteur bien aussi […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Review

Flip 3.. Some of the best products are the ones that aim to solve everyday problems. The main appeal of this phone is that it turns a regular size smartphone into one that fits more comfortably in your pocket. Now this isnt a problem that everyone has. You may not even think its a problem […]

Poco F3 GT Review: More Than a Gaming Phone?

You see. Pogo has been a mid range maverick for a while now, but it has done things a little differently. This time the popo f1 was the choice of gamers on a budget for the kind of performance it offered for the price, with the poco f3 gt theyre looking to recreate the same […]

3 ĐỈNH CHÓP của Mi Mix 4: Đây là cách Xiaomi KHẮC CHẾ Snapdragon 888+

I qu su vo chi tit bi v hi min Bc c mt hai con cho, my anh em lm nhiu cht thi mnh khng th, lm sao c Nhng mnh s lm v, nhng ci, im m cc bn cm thy ln, cn nht phn vn nht v; Chic, my ny nhng im, l […]

Huawei Mate XS Foldable Smartphone Unboxing

So this is the huawei mate xs, okay, so xs foldable, second generation foldable device of huawei, so yeah thats, my retention device, galaxy fold: Music, um; okay. So this is the huawei yang, so megan globe, uh, upgraded 5g sim, so lets see okay, so seven days, uh replacement, okay, um be Music foreign […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Impressions: Love at First Sight!

This is samsungs latest and greatest at the top of the line. The galaxy z4 35g and in this video ill be giving you my initial thoughts about this smartphone Music, hello, beautiful people amani here for mr phone and before we start motivate us by hitting the like button subscribe. If you havent already […]

OnePlus Nord 2 Review: A Proper All-Rounder?

. Now this smartphone is priced higher than the original oneplus not and the node ce. This gets improved cameras, a more powerful soc, 5g connectivity as well as stereo speakers, but does all that justify its price, hello, everyone, im, aditya and youre watching gadgets 360. before i begin be sure to subscribe to […]

Samsung Galaxy A22 Bangla Review || Sotophone Bangladesh

Okay, as always, if you find this video very helpful, then subscribe. Our youtube channel mounted fingerprint sensor fingerprint performance, zero super fast and accurate additional security systems, unlock performance, 3.5 millimeter, headphone, jack, primary microphone, type c, charging port, speaker, grill speakers, no distortion issue, thats our voice, calling microphones so best comfortable, feel […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review: Love At Third Flip

s that wasnt a flip phone. Ten years ago, those flips went out of style as the smartphones skyrocketed to mainstream dominance about two years ago, motorola blended, the two categories with its razer reboot and today, samsung has brought its own version of the neo retro clamshell down to a price thats a lot […]

BLACKVIEW A100 recensione ( Smartphone sotto i 200 euro )

We are going to test the brand new. The crew accent own chosen last month, todays video, I divided it into three parts. In the first part, we will go, do the unboxing in which I will show the basic equipment of this break. In the second part, we will test the camera and the […]