Wiko Lubi5 Review In 2021!

Here we have the receiver. I mean lets make a little a little overview first, so we have here the receiver, the screen, the weak logo and the um, the keypad which actually the buttons clone white, so yeah. We have nothing on this side and also nothing on the other side. At the top […]

Redmi 10 Review – Big features small price

The redmi series is a phone series that i hold close to my heart, because during my college time it was the only phone i could afford and its performance was never a down. Xiaomi just released its newest budget oriented smartphone, the redmi 10. im very curious about what it has in store for […]

Tóm Tắt Anime: " Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. " | Phần 2 | Review Anime

U i lm nhim v, tip nhng, tt c con gi. U c: v mt r, ht v, dm danh c th lm tan chy, qun, o bn, H, yu, v bn, trong, ri, n rt, an ton th l b, n ngay mt con slime, ri vo. U bn, h, n y nghin cu […]

Review Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Snapdragon 865 – Best all-Rounder Smartphone dari Samsung

60 vs: Oh ya, untuk mengukur, FPS, gua, pakai, gems, plug in dari Samsung, untuk game tesnya, gua, akan, bahas, secara, lengkap di video, selanjutnya Musik sekarang kita, bahas, soal, kamera, progred, triple camera; sebenarnya ngebedain, antara, SWT, biasa, dengan CV, ini, adalah, pada, bagian, lensa, telenya, kalau di Swt itu pake, sensor 64 megapixels […]

Movo iVlog 1 Review: Best Smartphone Video Rig!

If youre just starting a youtube channel, you dont have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on camera gear to get started on this channel. I started out with just a phone and a cheap plastic tripod and, as i learned what i was doing and what was important, i just buy things […]

Review smartphone chơi game đình đám Asus ROG Phone II

. Its just arrived so lets check it out. Music. Forget last years model now its all about rog number. Two just remember that most, if not all of these accessories will have to be purchased separately from the phone lets start off with this box, which holds the phone itself, is pretty unique. It […]

AGM H3 REVIEW | Rugged Smartphone with Infrared Night Camera!

We have one nicely designed box in which is our hero. Agm h3 is located as you can see. On the lid of the box. We have a picture of lion showing the strength and power of this device and up there it says that this is the mobile phone with the built in infrared […]

Zhiyun SMOOTH Q3 Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone Android Cell Phone iPhone Review, Smooth like the

Then, of course, you got the record button here, and this is to basically control the up and down motion. As far as going side to side, you know panning, if you double click on the trigger button, itll, basically reset the position so youre, nice and straight another thing: im going to switch this […]


Gpu Mali, g52 mc 21 baterai penyimpanan internal jenis, baterai, tanam, itu, iphone 5000 MH pengisian cepat, 15watt micro, sdxc, hai, hai, Hai, untuk, penyimpanan internal Samsung, Galaxy A3, 2yaitu terdiri, dari, beberapa, penyimpanan, internal yang pertama, yang paling, kecil 64, GB RAM 4 GB terus 128 GB RAM 4 GB terus 128 GB RAM […]

Oukitel WP15 15600 mAh Rugged Smartphone – Review & Unboxing

That also have a humongous battery capacity to keep you running through your adventures. Well, look! No further! I am going to check out the okitel wp15 rugged, waterproof smartphone, that has a crazy battery capacity of 15 600 milliamps that can last a really insanely long time as you journey through your day. The […]