OPPO f19s review unboxing #oppo #samsung #iphone #vivo #xiaomi #realme #pro #oppoa #huawei #apple

Gb plus 5 gb, total 11 gb x storage, mic oppo f19 is slow driver display 16.34 centimeter, full hd plus display, but mobile used a setup or qualcam snapdragon 662 processor, only friends model number vision, cph triple to 3 income charging vision, 33 volts, flash charging difference. One end of day, friends and […]

HOTWAV Cyber ​​9 Pro REVIEW | This is a BUDGET BEAST phone of 2022

A new model has appear on the market which enchants with its equipment in budget price range hotknife cyber9 pro – and we have it here today in review, so lets take a look. Lets start with unboxing cyber9 pro comes to us in this elegant black box, decorated with red letters in the box. […]

Review atau Unboxing Smartphone Realme 8i

28 segan kita lanjut lagi, karena, tadi, itu video, terjeda, ada orang yang mau melihat, Abel minta di Indonesia, Hai Nah sekarang, kita, lanjut, ke, bagian, kameranya, ya, guys, untuk kamera, HP, Romi 8 ini, sudah, menggunakan, kamera 50, megapiksel, guys Nah, jadi, 50, megapiksel, itu untuk, hasil, fotonya, Itu udah terang banget dan meskipun […]

Review Performa MediaTek Dimensity 920: Kencang dan Lengkap utk Kelas Menengah

Sos ini, juga, disebut, mendukung, kamera, dengan, kemampuan, tinggi, akhlak, kelas, flexip, efisiensi, tinggi, untuk, daya, tahan, baterai, yang panjang, untuk, smartphone, yang menggunakannya, untuk, spesifikasi, kita, lihat, dulu, ya, di sini, ya, CPUnya octa core 8 core jelas, 8 chord2 Core Cortex; A7, 8 di 25 GHz sebagai korps performancenya Lalu, ada 6, Core […]


Ips beresolusi full SD, Plus serta memiliki perlindungan dari Corning Gorilla Glass, 3 dan juga refreshed di angka 90 harus pada display yang digunakannya, Sedangkan untuk di bagian, spesifikasi chipset, ya, hp, satunya, itu menggunakan, spesifikasi, chipset, MediaTek, helio, g88 dengan GB, malige, 52, mc2 serta setup memory, RAM 6128 GB untuk varian tertingginya lanjut […]

i phone 13 pro Unboxing Review full details

0 wi fi version wi fi 682 into two memo: sim size, nano graphics, ppi, 460, ppi browse type, smartphone, sim type, dual sim, hybrid, sim salt, no otg compatible, no operating system, ios 15 processor type, f15 bionic chip Is mobile pictures charging primary camera secondary camera plus for hd recording video recording, followed […]

Realme GT 2 Pro Review: Realme Flagship Virgin

Therefore, having a huge benefit for the environment, but what i really think is this kind of eco friendly marketing hoax is really getting all over the place about this claim. First of all, theres no way that im sitting in the studio and prove that this is actually going to help the environment, including […]

✅ Top 5 Best Ulefone Rugged Smartphone In 2022

We made this list based, on my personal opinion, thats a result of research for our. We rank the products based on their quality specification and all other important facts. We have tried to select them from various price range, so you can easily find the best product for you. You will also find product […]

Infinix Hot 11 Play Detailed REVIEW: DON'T Buy This Phone!

. It is called infinix hot 11s. You can watch it by the link in description. I also have another new smartphone from infinix company and it is even cheaper than the previous smartphone. I have tested only 120 dollars. You know it is called infinix hot 11 play and i thought it was a […]

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Review

This is the samsung galaxy s. 21 fe 5g fe stands for fan. Edition. 5G, no kidding no surprise right. So last year the fe edition was really popular, reviewers loved it. I loved it. Apparently, a lot of you loved it because samsung sold a lot of them, so they decided they were going […]