Infinix Note 12 VIP review

Udah pakai panel AMOLED loh dan udah punya warna deceive Tri: 100 jadi nih, warna, layarnya, Tuh, cakep, banget, ya, Mantap, banget, dilihatnya, mau dilihat, dari sisi, mana, aja, tetap, kelihatan, dan tetap, berasa mewah call dibawah, sinar, matahari juga tetap kelihatan, terang, layarnya, juga, udah, kelas gaming, udah 120 refreshed Jadinya, kalau Scroll scrolling, […]

BUY NOW – CUBOT POCKET – Super Compact Smartphone | 4"

It is the nuclear pocket which, as i mentioned before, is a compact phone for all those people who are not looking for such a demanding phone with good features and a compact design. If you have not seen the previous video, then i am going to tell you about the characteristics of this device. […]

Poco F4 5G REVIEW – Almost everything you need.. but

Now this comes with the tried and tested snapdragon, 870 and theres a good reason. They chose to go with this one. We shall talk about it in detail further in this video, then everyones favorite amoled display is there with dolby vision and dolby atmos support and thats, something we dont see very often […]


5 greatness special 2 untuk smartphone infinix Oke sebelum itu temen, temen jangan lupa untuk klik subscribe like komen dan share video ini, agar, teman teman tidak ketinggalan, update video terbaru dari channel ini, Oke, kali ini, kita, akan, membahas, Ya: atau sedikit review tentang kamera goyah temen temen kamera, Go 2.5 great news: special […]

DJI OM5 Mobile Gimble: Unboxing, Features and Review

Here welcome back to my channel and today, ive got my hands on this dji om5 mobile gimbal. Yes guys. This is the latest version of this dji om mobile gimbal family, and what were gon na do is just get this unboxed go through some of the features and see what this mobile gimbal […]

Realme V20 5G Details Review । ১৫ হাজারে সেরা ফোন ২০২২?

Pretty dare forex review ram chicken or 120 8 gb are bananas interesting uh, four, on 28 gb boom, six plus one twenty eight zero variant. There is so airport hotel network and connectivity, phony attacks a 5g dual 4g volte wi fi calling system even wi, fi 2.4 and five gigahertz support.

Infinix smart 6 Bangla review||Budget smartphone

It is a 5 megapixel electric sensor, rare community, dual camera, a bomb, eight megapixels, 3.

Smartphone TOP DE LINHA e super POTENTE da XIAOMI! | Review + Unboxing Redmi Note 11 Pro!

A xiaomi alega que voc carrega cerca de cinquenta porcento da bateria do celular ele somente 15 minutos de recarga e segundo, o fabricante o sem por cento e srio pensei que voc era de recarga voc consegue chegar na 100 quando voc, tem aproximadamente 40 minutos t e Aqui, a gente tem, o cabo […]

Review wireless mic terlengkap buat smartphone. the best review wireless mic for smartphone

2 juga Musik, boleh, izin, Bapak, ya, 17, tahun oke, Guys, Ternyata Kalau gua ngebelakangin kiper gitu, nggak, berfungsi, mungkin, juga, tangan, lu, jangan, terlalu di ketemu, ya, disemburkan ini, pernah, coba, aja, 10, jalan mundur, 123456789, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, harus, 30151, suhu, Baduy, berhati, hati, jarak, cobaan, […]

Poco F4 5G Detailed Review – Poco is Back in Form!

A phone that i think is tailor made for the indian buyers now. The first reason why i think that the poco f4 is a great phone is the display experience. The display on this phone is very good. You get the 6.67 inch e4 fhd plus amoled panel, with a 120 hertz refresh rate, […]