Motorola Razr anmeldelse: flip flop

The Motorola Razr is finally here and Dieter Bohn has a full review. The big question is how much is the foldable worth? Is it worth $1500 as a Verizon exclusive? Not for what you get: mediocre cameras, sub-par battery, and a weird-feeling screen. Better luck next time, goodbye Moto.

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Motorola Razr (on Verizon):

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25 Kommentarer
  1. Is it worth $1500 as a Verizon exclusive?

  2. jeg er enig. It’s bad. As is the Samsung Z Flip, although the Flip is less bad.

  3. Two things:
    You can't say its a flop for sure. It's surely the first flip phone with that design.
    For price you can say it's a lot pricier but wouldn't expect less for a new design. Now question is it worth it :Sure it will improve as they design new variants

  4. If they could have revived the original Moto RAZR, even without Android, that would be a steal deal for <$300

  5. I always wanted a V3 Razr as a kid. I still want to fulfill that dream, but with that price

  6. So we'll just wait for good flip phones

  7. Motorola should drop the price ASAP

  8. The hate the RAZR's been getting recently is unprecedented when compared to January or december. I think it's something to do with the galaxy Z flip coming out. I know the z flip is better in almost every way but the RAZR wasn't made to compete with it. It's a commercial prototype and something to bring out the early 2000s nostalgia. It's targeting a niche. Treat it from that point of view

  9. Damn 😂 😂 😂 you've gone extra hard on moto & it's 1500$ thing…… I love it 😂 great review

  10. This phone seems so cool, and I don't care about the camera because I don't take photos from my phone anyway. I do like the way it folds, but the specs just kill it for me. They could have put in better specs and made the phone a bit thicker and we would all be much happier.

  11. It has alot more merit than what The Verge is making it out to be. Obviously next year's model will have smoothed out all the rough edges🙏🔥🤘

  12. Love that you whipped out the OG RAZR.

  13. I think moto needs to hire software developers for making the UI experience awesome.

  14. I think you have slowly avoided all the other verge reviewers and just doing all the reviews by yourself. Not good.

  15. This phone with a better processor, camera and the same foldable glass screen technology that is used on the Z Flip would be reasonable for that price.

  16. remind me againwhat cpu did you have? I dont remember

    oooooh right, the 8th gen hexacore cpu! that's right! you have one!

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