Hands-on with the Galaxy Z Flip

Jessica gets her hands on the Galaxy Z flip and gives her thoughts on the phone, which has a 6.7-inch foldable screen that stands up by itself.

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26 Σχόλια
  1. If samsung makes a self make up app many girls will use it.

  2. Samsung you did it. Incredible. How can you fold glass? Are you joking?

  3. What happens when you open it for the 199,000 time?

  4. Solution in search of proble. Another 3D type of fad.

  5. Mini touchscreen and touchscreen keyboard laptop

  6. It's bringing back a nostalgic feeling to the times when Samsung and Motorola were the king of flipping phones. What a time to be alive!

  7. It will be funny to see her getting excited to test it and it's start breaking fast 😂😂 hopefully that won't be the case lol

  8. There getting better… In 5 years it's gonna be outdated to see a phone that does not bend.

  9. Way too expensive, was thinking of buying it, not anymore

  10. They say first knowing full well they're planning on crediting Apple with inventing foldable phones later this year.

  11. Groundbreaking CREASE and touching the CREASE daily is a $1400 FAIL. Sorry I wanted thisbut gimme a break.

  12. It's the first phone to have foldable screen….No Motorola did it before.

  13. Hawaii will definitely copy Samsung Z Flip , just wait 😑

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