Γιοτάταου 2 Μετά 2 Χρόνια – Το πιο μοναδικό φτηνό Android τηλέφωνο? ($130)

Γιοτάταου 2 Αναθεώρηση – Το πιο μοναδικό φτηνό Android τηλέφωνο? ($120)
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That leads us to the final conclusion and we should answer if the Yotaphone is worth buying in 2016.

I think it is. $130 will get you a phone that is truly unique mostly due to its secondary display. Whether you love reading books or want to mirror the entire main display, the Yotaphone has you covered.

Ωστόσο, this device is 2 years old and you get the outdated hardware, software, the volume rocker rattles, there is no notification LED light, just above average camera, and you are stuck with just 1 sim card tray..

Even with those shortcomings, I think that the Yotaphone is still a one of a kind device at this price point. It’s up to you to decide whether that blend of uniqueness and outdated hardware is worth your money.

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