ZTE Nubia Z5 κριτική – Η χθεσινή ναυαρχίδα ή το σημερινό φτηνό τηλέφωνο?

ZTE Nubia Z5 κριτική – Yesterday's Flagship or Today's Cheap Phone? A flashback review of ZTE Nubia Z5 with the today's great budget phones in mind.
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ZTE Nubia Z5 κριτική: CONCLUSIONS

So there you have it, ZTE Nubia Z5, the flagship from the past. It has a great design, excellent build quality, vibrant display, decent gaming performance and it is very compact.

Ωστόσο, the UI is not the most fluid out there as there is occasional stutter, the camera is unreliable and the battery life is a disappointment.

How does it stack up against today’s low-end phones that have similar price? Καλά, pretty good I would say. For the price of $130, Nubia Z5 will most likely have a better build quality, display and audio quality. Ωστόσο, the difference may not be that significant and you may find some newly released low-end phones with a faster UI performance including a newer Android version, more reliable camera and much better battery life.

At the end of the day, you have to decide what are your personal preferences.

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