Galaxy S20 vs S20 ULTRA Hands On! – What's the Difference?

I got a chance to go hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Can’t lie I’m super pumped for Samsung’s new phones. With features like 120 hz refresh rate display, quadruple and triple camera system, space zoom, single take and much more, this might be the most exciting smartphone of 2020 so far.

Stay tuned for my Samsung Galaxy S20 review, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review and relal day in the life.

Stay tuned also for a Galaxy Buds+ and Samsung Galaxy ZFlip review as well. Lots to come!

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23 Commentaires
  1. amazing video quality, I love your videos and the way you explain !

  2. Love that My Hero Academia reference. Great quality as always.

  3. I will just buy Asus rog phone 2 and keep 800 bucks in my pocket

  4. I am considering the S20 Ultra but 6.9" is MASSIVE (especially for my tiny hands) so I think I'll go for the "small" 6.2" S20 instead

  5. he's literally wearing an Apple Watch

  6. I hope they're adding a notification toggle for the 120hz. I don't want to use the higher refresh rate for the majority of the day. Some games and movies are probably the only time I'd use it. I'd prefer to get a longer battery life with the lower refresh rate.

  7. These phones will literally blow us away!!! 💥 📱 💣

  8. Please explain when the time we were all able to buy a phone, but now you can't buy your phone anymore. Just straight sad.

  9. S20 plus 5G specifications plse??

  10. Why the hell did apple start their bullshit pricing. Now even Samsung is doing it wtf

  11. Galaxy buds + video please!

  12. Preordered my Ultra. £84 per month plan Unlimited everything.

  13. S20 costs usd 870 in other markets which is decent

  14. my average consumer isnt black and has 3 s20s

  15. Phones in the future: big piece of glass with a car battery

  16. Bonne vidéo! But where can I get that Gundam shirt??

  17. S20 plus or p30 pro?

    PS: i dont care much about cameras

  18. I'll pick up the Ultra in 18 months for $400. lol

  19. Your content matches your youtube name..


  20. Casser 865 not here in Australia

  21. If S20 ultra costs 1399$ in us then it might come around 1,50,000₹ in india might beat already expensive iPhone 🤐🙁

  22. The Ultra uses both 5G frequencies.

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