Realme C3 Aperçu est-ce le Budget Gaming Smartphone Champ

Realme C3 is powered by the new Helio G70 SOC comes with a 6.5IPS LCD HD+ screen comes in 3/4 GB RAM and 32/64 GB storage has a 5000 mAh battery a rear dual camera 12MP+2MP and 5MP front camera the G70 chipset is supposed to be a powerful chipset so I test it with heavy games like call of duty and PUBG to see if this budget smartphone can do gaming.

Realme C3 starts at Rs 6999 and is sold via


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  1. Ranjit sir.
    Double tap to wake up hai Kya???

  2. What's going on man.

    RealMe: Tout ce que

  3. Hey Ranjit

    As all of your reviews this one ia rocking too
    With your video suggestions bought Realme3Pro last May.

    I have updated it to latest UI and now its not ringing for calls…..I can hear all other notifications, Youtube,movies music….except a ringtone for incoming call.

    What could be the issue??Can You help please.

    Reported to the community page but I dont think they answer so quickly.

  4. My budget is 8K. Can you please suggest a good phone? Can I go for C3?

  5. No secondary mic? Alors, how's the call quality?

  6. 3:21 Listen carefully 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Ranjit please video of realme 3 vs c3

  8. Ranjit kindly elaborate on the other specs too about the phone. Though it is understood that this phone is meant for gaming experience looking at the processor but there are many people who have a tight budget and would like to know about other features too. As u don't mention these other stuffs(qualité de la caméra,vidéo, sound output, heating issues, etc.), people have to watch others video too. Hope you will take this feedback and put it on ur upcoming videos.

  9. for last 1 year I was using 401ppi (Note Redmi 5 FHD display), will I find this display of this device ugly as its 269ppi only ?
    I mean for price its super nice but if they had gone 5"5 or 6", the ppi would have been better.
    720p with 6"5 inch is weird logic.

  10. I like how he says pubg as paabji.🤣

  11. Please do a video regarding laptops
    For students, gaming, heavy duty
    And a seperate video for best all purpose laptops that will release in 2020

  12. is the built quality good? I was thinking to buy the 4gb variant soon😅 so asking

  13. Hats off to Ranjitkeep it up..great review.

  14. Thanks Ranjit for the laughed..

  15. Should report Ranjit for going afk 😂😆

  16. confused b/w this or Note 8 for under 10K..

    Need as a secondary phone alongside Galaxy note 10+..

  17. Bro I'm playing pubg on my redmi 4 . it's have only 2GB ram and 16GB internal storage .435 Snapdragon processor . I have no problem playing pubg on it

  18. Kya koi Bata sakta h isne puri video me kitni bar and bola h

  19. I think the chipset is more powerful than some midrange smartphone.

  20. Ranjit you really need to put in lots of efforts in order to improve your videos. This way you may not remain the top tech reviewer in India!

  21. Certain budget phones like this doesn't have the secondary noise cancellation microphonehow about the call quality in these phones in outdoor environmentto know the possibility of the phone to pick up noises other than our intended voice.

  22. best revieweverbas heating issue b bata dete to complete hota!

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