Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, batteria, specs, Caratteristiche, and price! Giveaway link:

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37 Commenti
  1. samsung in 2055 have 100gb of ram and iOS still rocking 8gb and i’ll be grateful

  2. But nobody speaks about note 20. Will it ever come out ?

  3. Guys basically this phone S20 Ultra has passed iphone Xs pro max(Whatever it is)In the only thing iphone was good in CAMERA and im talking not just higher quality but more options in it.It has everything iphone doesn't have. support samsung As it is the best in everything.Yeah i admit iphone was good but Now s20 Ultra left no debates no arguments and basically no horseshit people can say or have.Also mr.whose the boss has so much knowledge and in the end he writes conclusion as conlusion i cant believe it jk mistakes and shit happens.

  4. Gimme that galaxy s20 ultra. WIll be my first phone above 200$

  5. Samsung Means great camera and super super display……


  7. At this point I just don’t see a reason to buy a new phone. We are basically buying new cameras. I don’t take many pictures or fancy to be a influencer soI really wouldn’t pick those premium phones.

  8. Samsung should release evert 2 years so they can include more features, i remember like yesterday when the s10 came out

  9. Years by years the phone is totally changes..It's started from a Bigger and heavy one years pass by it became a smaller and lighter trend but nowadays its more became better and xtravagant.Brands is competing on how they make thier product more captivating to all the buyers.But still I salute all the who made the phone because it made our lifes simple and easily acces specially when u have a family far away from HOME.
    Subs.Phils here..😊😍
    Than you for the Info the u gave..
    Keep vlogging..😊

  10. If i win the giveaway im sure im gonna die of happiness

  11. Harap2 dapat la aku phone ni..mnx2 menang giveaaay

  12. Apple HQ right now:*On fire*

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  14. Wow….
    What a amazing phone lunch by Samsung 😍😍😍
    Really I love S20 Ultra..

  15. Ur actually sick and I'm not saying this for the competition it's random but ur actually one of my favourite youtubers for tech

  16. The dream of every people 😱
    To have s20 ultra 😂😱

  17. Why do you need 120 hertz on your phone.

  18. Holy shit samsung galaxy s20 have more RAM than my PC

  19. And iphone user has left the chats!!

  20. And all I want is to play Minecraft on it

  21. Me: Omg i want that
    Me deep inside: You will never get this camra with a free phone

  22. S20 UltraSpace Zoom ♥️ Awesome

  23. apple launches Iphone11
    SAMSUNG: hold my beer

  24. All phone are copy of iPhone

  25. Love your videos man I watch them all even though I'm #teampixel all day

  26. i wish i have one of them 😓

  27. I love the new S20 ultra but I‘ll still wait for the new iphone and then make the decision on which one to get because generally I liked Apple‘s design more

  28. I'm new subscribers u explanation is simply n osmmmm😘

  29. That phone has more PC than my RAM

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