Galaxy Z Flip review: Why we love it

Samsung’s ultrathin glass screen and Flex Mode hinge make the Galaxy Z Flip the best foldable phone for everyday use. But it could be even better. We show you what’s good and bad about this flip phone’s battery life, cameras, screens and price.

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45 Opmerkingen
  1. Hopefully the second gen will have a large front screen when folded up.

  2. It's not a CrApple iJunk which is a breath of fresh air

  3. If you run your fingernail on the screen it will scratch very easily

  4. Great reviewreal detail review..Samsung wake up and listen to her !!!!

  5. Chisel or pick?? Is that something people do that I’m not aware of? 🤔

  6. Awesome Review. Jessica is Amazing as always

  7. How do you know that you love it

  8. The Mirror Gold Z Flip from Israel will work with U.S. cellular carriers. (Confirmed by Max Weinbach on Twitter).

    Question is what website can it be imported from?

  9. The Z Flip isn't practical though. It has zero PURPOSE. It's cool yes but that's it. Phablet phones easily fit into people's pockets.

    Galaxy Fold is on the right track.

    Looking forward to the 2nd gen model later this year. 😎

  10. This reviewer is more 👏👏👏👏👏-able. Also z-flip is cool

  11. Painful watching her using the Flip the phone.. Boring review. Stop giving me recommendation like this. 👎👎👎👎

  12. we really gotta appreciate Samsung's effort trying new form factors. These kinds of technology was kinda unimaginable about 10 years ago and I am sure more Samsung produces the price will come down and the maturity of technology will be improved.

  13. Do you, CNET really mean that you love it??? Samsung??? You, CNET hated it more than anyone else, didn't you??? Ummm, interesting!!! What made you love it???

  14. What a simple and beautiful design. ♡♡♡
    Good job Samsung.
    Good review. Jessica.
    Thank you so much.

  15. This phone was made for females that’s pretty clear. She’s so cute, good review too.

  16. this is totally opposite The Verge's review. arent they all under one parent company?

  17. Samsung could at least include a clear case to use until you get another one. Cheapos.

  18. Samsung at first are good. But after a few updates everything turns terrible😤

  19. She's 'actually engaged to it in a weird way' Lol

  20. I love that samsung add single take mode😍 bcs we don't need to use instagram camera to do boomerang anymore

  21. A side note not sure what Samsung did different with the z flip camera software but it's TREMENDOUSLY better than the s105g. Pictures have a good amount of detail, minimal over sharpening and good dynamic range where as my S10 is trash and looks washed out and fuzzy in comparison. This is the first Samsung phone I have decided to not add Gcam APK because of how good of photos it takes.

  22. Worst thing and only thing about this phone is that gross greasy chintsy case that comes in the box that just make the phone feel terrible. Yea it's free but I would of Samsung stick with the same Arimid construction as with the Galaxy fold as that just has more grip and doesn't look like you rubbed olive oil all over it just from picking it up. The leather case for $80 is a must for this phone!

  23. Outstanding phone review; one of the best I have seen in a long time. Not sure why anyone would dislike it.

  24. Who else has got their galaxy flip and is also very pleased?

  25. This woman represents the epitome in the art of reviewing something
    Now if only someone could appeal to her conscience by informing her of the utter cruelty her leather jacket represents

  26. It's called a kick stand case

  27. What did she say? Oh right the Z flip! Yeah nice phone 🤔🤣

  28. ?? I thought is Motorola

  29. Looking forward for the next iterations of this phone

  30. I love the Z Flip. Such a cool and new technology. I also just posted my 20 minute review on my channel. Have a look 😊

  31. What’s going on with the comments at the top of YouTube

  32. such a beautiful design. Galaxy Fold is trash, useless, but flip is very good, much more useful.

  33. Sad when the average consumer will see this and still want a iPhone and when apple comes out with a phone with this design,they will swear apple created this design and love that phone

  34. Not with glass display it has a rubber paper like display and can b easly scratched

  35. The specs are not that important when a phone does something so special like folding. However in 2020 I would not spend more than €500 on a phone, cash not on contract. As much as I am tempted to get one for my wife I want to see what other manufacturers will offer, once Samsung allows their glass tech to be used by their rivals

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