Nokia 7.2 hands-on beoordeling: Gunning voor Google.

Google’s Pixel 3a flipped the table on budget smartphones. It brought a fantastic camera experience down to an affordable $400 price point. These are the features HMD Global wants to emulate with its latest Nokia 7.2. It has a 48-megapixel camera equipped with Zeiss optics, an additional wide-angle lens for versatility, and stellar portrait mode effects that takes swipes at the Pixel 3a’s camera king status. All this and more for $350.

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Video-uitrusting die we gebruiken:
Panasonic GH5
Lumix 12-60mm camera lens
Sony A7iii
Sony E 50mm F 1.8 OSS
Konova K3 camera Slider
Godox SL-60W
Neewer 660 LED-video lampje
Benro S6 video statief

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35 Opmerkingen
  1. Your review is Very awesome bro and my old phone is full damaged so tomorrow I am buying the Nokia 7.2 thanks for your great review

  2. How is nokia with android security updates?

  3. I just got this nokia 7.2 as a replacement for my Nokia 7 plus cause sevice center unable to fix it, Its good and add the Ported Google camera its a beast its way much better than the stock nokia camera app.

  4. I just bought Nokia 7.2. This is really good phone, battery lasts all Day. And pure android, so no any useless apps you can't removeAnd yes, HMD global is owner. BUT these nokia's are designed in Finland!! Like The good old nokia phones. I am a finnish and I wanted to try Nokia after a long time, and I am not disappointed

  5. I have Nokia 7.2. But it has a big problem. When someone call me on my nokia 7.2, I receive notification of call after 3-4 rings from the caller. I miss calls because of that. How could I fix it?

  6. Could some tell me pleasefor the uk, does this phone have the right sensors for the star gazing apps? I believe they are an Accelerometer
    a compass and a Magnetometer, but I haven't researched this in a few yrs.

  7. I'm sorry. ..it's nice. I'm looking forward 2 see it .. looking at the face with the tear drop lenz. .I seriously see Samsung Galaxy A10 e , through A/50.70..erc.. and from what I can make out the colors design of the icons etc..looks it dental Motorola ..it has the same simulator look to the Motorola. . SAMSUNG GALAXY. .AND OTHER GAMING' ANDROIDS. +… GOOGLE PIXELS. , FLOODED THE MARKET. .. I DO HOPE THEY MAKE A GREAT COMEBACK. Hopefully they will have a fresh looking follow up. .

  8. Really good phone …. Thank u nokia

  9. Does this have quick charge 3.0, cause, i have not found any other sources to confirm this. Could you confirm that? Bedankt

  10. I've really enjoyed my Nokia 7.1 plus you need nothing more .I will be getting another one for sure.

  11. Jesus freaking christ I'm so tired of these stupid reviewers zooming in on the camera after unboxing the device. This is a PHONE first and foremost!

  12. I brought 8.1 but its hardware sucks

  13. I now have the Nokia 7.2 in cyan green

  14. i love the flip flop new nokia, will surely buy one

  15. Why aren't more Tech Tubers talking about this phone??

  16. A dedicated Google Assistant button? Google, pay attention.

  17. You don't need night for low light photos

  18. Like Nokia phones but not the camera module and the Moto style circle.

  19. Thats a decent solid budget phone

  20. Nokia 7.2 or Samsung A50, which is best?

  21. Can you order the 6.2 if you live in the states? Are the antenna bands not compatible?

  22. Nokia X71 or Nokia 8.1 or Nokia 7.2?

    What do you refer to me in terms of general performance, resolution, cameras & speakers? 🙂
    Thanks in advance.

  23. Still have an old Nokia that functions. Sturdy as a horse. Go Nokia!

  24. Man I'm glad I got an ad for the 7.2 on a YouTube video, cause it's exactly what I'm looking for. My OnePlus 3T is falling apart and the new 7T seems pretty lame, so I'm looking for something just like this to hold me over til the OnePlus 8 comes out. With the holiday season between now and then, a trip to Japan in November, and a little toddler growing up fast, I just need picture quality. I was looking at the 3a, a refurbished galaxy note 9 and the Xiaomi Xi 9T Pro. The 9T Pro has awesome specs and comparable features to flagships, but sketchy image quality. The other two are nice phones, but now I can get a current model phone in a price range I can justify, knowing I'm getting another phone early next year. It's like they built this phone for my exact situation.

  25. If I were in the market for a new phone right now this would be my choice. I purchased the 7.1 at U.S. release and I couldn't be happier. Pixel 3a didn't come along to compete until several months later. I think the 7.2 offers a compelling alternative to the 3a despite the slightly inferior SoC and (likely inferior) Camera.

  26. Yea like other releases, Nokia is best with mid range smartphones and that's all they are ever gonna release for now.
    Another Nokia 7 series just like the Nokia 7.1 they released in the U.S before with a wonderful HDR 10 DISPLAY but with a really sluggish performance.

  27. anyone know if the nokia 7.2 will work on Verizon in the US? I saw a listing on amazon for this phone and it says verizon but I am skeptical

  28. How can you not mention the screen's resolution and/or ppi?

  29. dude this guy's smile is so wholesome

  30. Pixel 3A for 315€ or Nokia 7.2 for 350€ with free bluetooth earbuds, which one is better?

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