Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Impressions: 108 Megapixels!

Galaxy S20 Ultra is the “Pro” of Samsung’s lineup.

Galaxy S20 and S20+:

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21 Opmerkingen
  1. NASA : Let's buy it, We are running out of Telescopes!

  2. ULTRA might make me get a second phone . Still need my apple but the Ultra can be my daily driver, especially with xcloud on the horizon .

  3. The like subscribe bell animation is more satisfying than the phone 😀

  4. Gimme plzzz i want to play pubg

  5. touch latency looks abysmal

  6. I like the buttons on the right more than the Note10+'s left placed ones.

  7. Waiting for non-protruding cameras of this caliber phones.. id rather have a thick phone than a camera that sticks out messes up everything.

  8. Iphone: "Samsung cam quality LMFAO"
    S20 Ultra: "Come again?"

  9. My pc has 16gigs ram i am feeling nervous, i should just slap another 16gb stick xD

  10. We’re getting to the thing that our phones are more expensive than a laptop

  11. The ultra instinct phone. Oh yeah!

  12. Out here twerking with my galaxy A70

  13. Verdomd, look at the pixels showing up at 2:00

  14. I wonder how much drugs this guy had to sell in order to afford it

  15. I love the camera and then comes facebook compression 😥🤣

  16. I have an iPhone pro, Macbook Pro, Beats Pro, Ipad Pro, and Airpod pro. What I lack is a healthy brain.

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