Mi 11T PRO 5G Specs Review in Tamil 🤩 சூப்பர் Design & சூப்பர் Specs 🔥

So the mario wonder different color shading automatically designed on the launch pad, so maybe in the color variant, so that there are designers, Music, Music on the dumbbell again now: storage in india, the launch phenomena. So it may be eight plus one. Twenty eight, eight plus 256 and number under storage will enter […]

vivo V23 Pro Full Camera Review ⚡Chasing The Sun ⛅

Why dont we go out test the camera in real life. Well, click the photos and give feedback right away. Sajid wan na do a live. Camera test Lets go to a new place. Lets click a selfie first youll know the actual crew required for a video. The skin tones are great Its getting […]

Redmi 9 (Best budget smartphone ??)

If we talk about the dimension, it has a weight of 196 gram and its display is ips lcd, which has 400 nits and its size is 6.53 inch. It has a resolution of 1080p and the protection is called gorilla. Glass. 3.. If we talk about os it uh, it runs uh, android, 10 […]

Tecno Phanton X, está em nossas mãos, o Melhor e maior smartphone da Tecno!! Review

Do vamos vamos comear aqui, um vdeo, novo e vamos fazer uma fonte de telefone, aqui desde, j gostando agradecer, a nossa moda com, a medida que de vilankulo que conseguiu trazer me este telemvel aqui, no canal esto de parabns, aqui agradecer bem, forte e tal, uma coisa, Dessas mas vamos agora, fazer aqui […]

vivo Y76 5G Review, Photos & Videos | Affordable Camera Smartphone For Android Users!

This is seriously a no frills, no, no nonsense. Camera first smartphone that is truly very affordable. You know for android users, of course, so apple users. You cant, find something like that. Probably yes, the iphone se, but then lets not talk about that. Lets talk about the vivo, why 76, 5g, okay, so […]

Smartphone Low Cost | Blackview A55 | Análise

Prova vocs podem ver, o vdeo no canal e na altura eu falei deste alemo por qu porque achei que um telemvel muito interessante para ns, podemos, dar aos nossos filhos pequenos que eles haverem YouTube, jogar, um, jogos e pouco mais ir s; redes sociais, ou, ento, para Aquela Malta mais velha que me […]

BEST Smartphone Camera EVER!! with only one FLOW (In-depth Camera Review).

Six years ago, google released the original pixel phone, and everyone was impressed by the camera and the phone that i was carrying around for the last two years was the pixel 4 xl. Despite the dated design, the camera performance was remarkable. Lately google released the pixel 6 pro with the new camera hardware […]

REVIEW POWERVISION S1 Gimbal Hape Smartphone – by Arya Dega

This gambarnya pakai iPhone mungkin kepada, Andre juga, ada wireless charger, sudah saya coba, where settingnya nih, ya teman teman wireless charging, kita coba, nih, tempel, aja, gitu, enggak, ada, harinya, lain dulu, kali, ya, sebentar, Hai, nah, tuh, lampunya, nyala, sekarang, ya, pasang, Dewa19, ini, bisa, untuk wireless Charging cuman Tidak ada magnetnya, mungkin […]

HUAWEI P50 Pocket Review: Kinda EXCEEDED My Expectations!

Now today, weve changed the angle of the kitchen a little bit. So you have a very nice clean background over here, uh to all of you who are watching today hope youre having a great sunday, but today were here to check out a very interesting smartphone that i actually covered a couple of […]

Best Budget AMOLED Smartwatch? | Xiaomi YouPin Mibro Watch X1 Review

This is the? U pin me bro. X1. The amiibo watch x1 currently costs under 50 quid from retailer aliexpress and yet, despite this, it boasts an amoled screen. Youve got lots of fitness tracking features, the 24 hour, heart rate tracking, all that good stuff and surprisingly good battery life too, but its not […]