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review smartphone infiniz zero 30 5G terbaru #infinixzero30 #infinixzero5g2023

Review Smartphone Infiniz Zero 30 5g Terbaru #infinixzero30 #infinixzero5g2023

Impressive Performance with MediaTek Dimensity 8020

The latest smartphone from Infinix, the Infinix Zero 30 5G, boasts an impressive performance with its MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset. In a comparison with its rival chipset, the MediaTek Helio G99, the Dimensity 8020 stands out with its Antutu benchmark score of around 400,000. This means that users can expect a smooth and seamless experience while navigating through various applications and multitasking on the device.

Captivating High-Quality Camera

One of the standout features of the Infinix Zero 30 5G is its high-quality camera. The phone is equipped with a remarkable 108-megapixel main camera that captures stunning images and records videos in up to 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. The front-facing camera is also expected to have a higher resolution compared to its predecessor, boasting an impressive 50 megapixels. This promises an extraordinary photography experience for selfie enthusiasts and photography lovers alike.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Infinix Zero 30 5G is equipped with a large-capacity 5000mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting usage throughout the day. Users can enjoy various activities on their phone without worrying about running out of battery power. Additionally, the device supports fast charging technology with its 45W charger, enabling more efficient and speedy charging. So even with a busy lifestyle, users can recharge their phone quickly and get back to using it in no time.

Competitive Pricing for Exceptional Value

Considering its impressive features and specifications, the Infinix Zero 30 5G offers exceptional value for money. The official price for this smartphone is Rp4.299.000 during the first sales period. However, during this promotional period, the price decreases significantly to only Rp4.099.000. This makes the Infinix Zero 30 5G an attractive option for those looking for a powerful and feature-rich smartphone without breaking the bank.

The Infinix Zero 30 5G is a smartphone that ticks all the boxes when it comes to performance, camera quality, battery life, and affordability. With its MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset, high-resolution cameras, long-lasting battery, and competitive pricing, this device is truly a standout in the market. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a multitasker, or someone who values long battery life, the Infinix Zero 30 5G is sure to impress you. Grab yours now and experience the next level of smartphone technology.

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